Next stage of „Łowicz annex” renovation

On the last Friday, 24th July, another stage of rebuilding of the “Łowicz annex” concluded. On that day the building company “Marbudex” completed the last pour of concrete on the reinforced ceiling. There is a place for a small staircase as well as separate place for an old lever frame with holes for transmission wires. In the future the annex will become a new home of the interactive signaling exhibition, so each part of it has to withstand the weight of the exhibits and the tension of the wire transmission.

Przybudówka strop 1 piętra Przybudówka - podpory szalunków   stoopa_m

During the weekend, while the building crew was away, we prepared the base of the mechanical signal, which will be placed in the middle of the exhibition. The base must keep the several-meters high mast upright, so according to the blueprints it has to be sturdily built and fixed deep below the level of the floor. In the upcoming weeks the largest of the exhibits have to be placed inside, before the roof will be installed.

The renovation of the oldest part of the roundhouse is sponsored by

Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego

Invitation to the Open Day in August

Dzień otwarty maj 2015 - grupa koło portierni.

We would like to invite you to the second Summer Open Day in Engine Shed, which will take place on Saturday, 1st August from 11AM to 3PM. Visiting groups, led by a guide dressed in a historical railway uniform, will have the opportunity to learn of the history of vehicles in our collection and the Shed itself. This year, our guests can enjoy the longer sightseeing route inside the biggest building in the Shed’s complex – the roundhouse from 1862-1942. Except the collection of historical rolling stock, our usual exhibitions are also opened to the visitors:

  • steam engines maintenance equipment,
  • main workshop with old but still functioning machines,
  • railway forge with original equipment,
  • interactive exhibition of signaling and traffic safety equipment.

Guided tours will start at 11AM, 12AM, 1PM and 2PM.

Tired and hungry visitors can taste delicious grilled dishes at the stand of Atmosfera pizza house.

Free admission.


Building works in „Łowicz Annex”

The workers from the company “Marbudex” continue the revitalization works inside the oldest part of the roundhouse, the so-called Łowicz Annex.

Przybudówka łowicka - transport stali

After the construction of new walls, stairwell and foundations for lever frames and signal shafts, it’s time for a new reinforced ceiling. As it need to be sturdy to stand the weight of planned exhibits, first a heavy steel beams had to be put in place. A transport of new I-beams for this purpose has arrived just a few days ago. In the meantime a formwork is being constructed so in a couple of weeks a first pour of concrete could be completed. The finish of the current stage of works is planned at the early Autumn.

Przybudówka łowicka - konstrukcja szalunków Przybudówka łowicka - podpora I piętra


Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego

The winners of „Manufacture of Satire”

Manufaktura Satyry - nagrodzone prace (1)

The jury session of the 6th National Satirical Competition „Manufacture of Satire” took place on 30th June 2015 in Gallery “Resursa” in Żyrardów. More than 60 works by 30 different authors have been submitted to the contest, which topic was the 170th anniversary of opening of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad. PARE was one of the partners of this event and therefore, we would like to publish the official results of the contest, which were first announced by Mrs. Elżbieta Laskowska, head of the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw:


Manufaktura Satyry - nagrodzone prace 1 miejsce 1st prize – Zbigniew Woźniak. Zduńska Wola
Manufaktura Satyry - nagrodzone prace 2 miejsce 2nd prize – Waldemar Rukść. Olecko
Manufaktura Satyry - nagrodzone prace 3 miejsce 3rd prize – Piotr Zatorski. Będzin

Honourable mention:

Paweł Gałka – Pruszków, Iwona Gabryś -Bobrowniki, Paweł Stańczyk – Jawor, Monika Małgorzata Golińska – Warszawa, Franciszek Bernard Buczny – Żyrardów

After-contest prizes:

  • Prize of the President of City of Żyrardów – Zbigniew Osiński.
  • Prize of the Museum of Caricature – Zbigniew Urbalewicz.
  • Prize of the Association of Polish Caricature’s Artists – Halina Kuźnicka.
  • Honourable Mention of the Association of Polish Caricature’s Artists – Maciej Trzepałka.
  • Prize of the Gallery “Resursa” (individual exhibition) – Przemysław Zamojski.


A hot Open Day in Engine Shed

Dzień Otwarty lipiec 2015

What a hot day! First Summer Open Day in the Shed (4th July) took place under the scorching heat, therefore majority of the sightseeing was conducted inside the pleasantly cool interiors of roundhouse and exhibition of signaling equipment. Nevertheless, 202 guests decided to visit us despite the heat.

Thank you and feel invited to the upcoming events in the Shed.