Invitation to the first September Open Day

3. Dzień Otwarty 2013 We would like to invite you to visit the Skierniewice’s Engine Shed on yet another Open Day on Saturday, 6th September.

Except the collection of the rolling stock inside the roundhouse, our guests can see the original steam engine maintenance equipment, old workshop, photo gallery by Marek Zienkowicz and exhibition of railway signalling and traffic safety equipment.

Guided tours start every hour at 11.00AM, 12.00AM, 1.00.PM and 2.00PM. Free admission!

Tired and hungry guests can eat delicious grilled dishes by the stand of Atmosfera pizza house.

Media coverage.

Głos Skierniewic TV Skierniewice Radio RSC

New shapes of refrigerator car

We do not forget about our beer refrigerator car and whenever possible, we continue its rebuild. Reaching the original documentation become quite a challenge, therefore in July a couple of PARE members went to Czech Republic to take photos of refrigerator cars from railway museum in Lužná u Rakovníka and Krupá – Kolešovice railway. Photographs will come handy when designing anew the historically correct parts of our car.

Piwiarka - Kolesovka Piwiarka - Luzna u Rakovnika

Lately, we have repainted white the framework and continued impregnating the wooden parts. Thanks to the photographs from Czech museums, we determined the correct layout of outer planking and completed initial part of side walls of the car.

Piwiarka - tniemy deski Piwiarka - montujemy pierwszą ścianę Piwiarka - dwie ściany

We are still looking for a sponsor of further works on the refrigerator car.

Continuing repairs of roundhouse’s roof

For last couple of weeks another stage of roundhouse’s roof repairs goes on. Works, partially sponsored by Voivodeship Conservationist of Łódź (35000 PLN), encompass the roof above stands № 7 to 9. The contractor of the works is company “Marbudex” from Skierniewice.

Remont dachu ze środków ŁWKZ - rusztowania Remont dachu ze środków ŁWKZ - rolki papy

Current repairs, when finished, will allow us to significantly extend the sightseeing route inside the roundhouse. It would not be possible if not for you generous support in form of 1% of income tax for PARE. Thanks to the record-breaking amount of 33000 PLN we were able to provide the initial assets not only for current works, but also for the future projects.

Thank you!

Last Evening in Engine Shed

III Wieczór w Parowozowni Fot. M. Nowacki / Głos Skierniewic i Okolicy

On Saturday, 16th August, this year’s last Evening in Engine Shed took place. Once again our guest could watch the documentary by Artur Czarniecki – “Train of Death”. The picture (a diploma project of Mr Czarniecki) is devoted to the tragic events at Skierniewice’s rail depot, which preceded the outbreak of Warsaw’s Uprising. After the showing, one could take part in a discussion about those historical events lead by Mr. Kazimierz Miastowski (retired railwayman and researcher of the history of Skierniewice’s railway junction) and members of historical reconstruction group of 26th Infantry Division.



Commemoration of 70th anniversary of Warsaw’s Uprising

Rocznica wybuchu Powstania Warszawskiego

Together with the City Council of Skierniewice and the History Chamber of Skierniewice we would like to invite you to the Commemoration of 70th anniversary of Warsaw’s Uprising. At 8 PM, one can watch in the Engine Shed the documentary by Artur Czarniecki – “Train of Death” (“Pociąg śmierci”). The movie is devoted to the tragic events which took place in Skierniewice’s station right before the outbreak of the Uprising.

Earlier, a mass for benefit of fallen insurgents and Pawiak’s prisoners killed in Skierniewice will take place at 5 PM at St. Joseph’s Cemetery.