New shapes of refrigerator car

We do not forget about our beer refrigerator car and whenever possible, we continue its rebuild. Reaching the original documentation become quite a challenge, therefore in July a couple of PARE members went to Czech Republic to take photos of refrigerator cars from railway museum in Lužná u Rakovníka and Krupá – Kolešovice railway. Photographs will come handy when designing anew the historically correct parts of our car.

Piwiarka - Kolesovka Piwiarka - Luzna u Rakovnika

Lately, we have repainted white the framework and continued impregnating the wooden parts. Thanks to the photographs from Czech museums, we determined the correct layout of outer planking and completed initial part of side walls of the car.

Piwiarka - tniemy deski Piwiarka - montujemy pierwszą ścianę Piwiarka - dwie ściany

We are still looking for a sponsor of further works on the refrigerator car.

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