1% charity from flat-rate tax payers

1 procent podatku

The end of January is always the final term to provide tax settlement to the Tax Office by the flat-rate tax payers. Therefore we would like to encourage all those who are about to send their tax return to donate the 1% of income tax to PARE.

Why is it worth to support us? We do our best to multiply every penny which comes to us and use it as best as we can to save the railway heritage. Thanks to the tax payers support year 2014 was manifold record-breaking:

  • We received over 33 thousand PLN from 1% charity.
  • Those money were used as own assets when applying for subsidies which eventually totaled to 143 thousand PLN.
  • We received 28 thousand PLN for rolling stock renovation from various sponsors.

In 2014 the budget of PARE exceeded for the first time the level of 200 thousand PLN. Thanks to the incomes from 1% income tax, subsidies form the Ministry of Culture and national Heritage, the Conservationist of Łódź Voivodship, the City Council of Skierniewice, Freightliner PL and PKP Cargo we have:

  • Piwiarka - ściana repaired over 900 square meters of roofs on Shed’s main buildings (the roundhouse and the workshop),
  • conducted a major overhaul of the critical for Shed’s access set of points № 128,
  • transported the engine class Ok1-266 and continued the renovation of beer refrigerator car and engine class Ol49-4.

Besides, thanks to the help Of Warsaw’s Trams we completed the renovation of battery shunting engine AEG 4184.

Kanały 23-12 - zerwane How we will use the 1% of income tax in 2015? As in previous years, the money will be the basis of own assets required when applying for subsidies for further repairs of Shed’s buildings. We hope to complete the works on the roof of the roundhouse and maybe even start the reconstruction of its skylight. We will also continue the works by the beer refrigerator car and engine class Ol49-4.

To support us, provide our KRS number 0000216091 and your pledge amount in you yearly tax return summary. For each, even the smallest amount, we would like to say big thanks to all of our supporters.

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