Welcome to the website of the Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts

We hope to provide you information regarding the activity of our Organization and would like to encourage you to visit the old Skierniewice Engine Shed during the monthly Open Days and other accompanying events.

Latest news

1 procent podatku
1% of income tax into hundreds of square meters of new roof…

… with this catch-phrase we’ve encouraged last year the tax payers to devote their 1% of income tax to the Engine Shed. As one could convince himself, the motto proved itself really effective – once again we would like to thank you for your generous support in salvaging of the (…)

Zbieramy wkład własny na dotacje 2014
New grants for roundhouse roof repairs!

We would like to calm all concerned about a lack of news regarding grants – we have already received two confirmations of reserved assets for PARE – one from the Ministry of Culture and one from Łódź Voivodeship Conservationist. However, in order to ensure that we actually receive the granted assets, (…)

Plener 26-04-2014
Invitation to a photographic event in the Engine Shed

Together with the Photographic Team Łódź, we would like to invite you to the plein-air photographic event in Skierniewice’s Shed. In order to take part in the event, please subscribe via e-mail providing participant’s name, surname and contact phone. Subscription lasts to 23rd April. Each participant has to acknowledge the sightseeing (…)

reklama Śrubena
Śrubena-Unia supported the repairs of points № 128

Our search for an entrepreneur, who could support the repairs of points № 128, has ended successful. A producer of railway joints and track parts – Śrubena-Unia S.A. from Żywiec – has offered us a batch of 400 track joining parts. Thank you very much!

Demontaż lewej opornicy
Repairs of points № 128 started!

We have launched first of this year’s repairs funded from the public assets. As we informed several weeks ago, City Council of Skierniewice has donated 8000PLN for overhaul of set of points № 128 in track № 59. Repairs assume complete replacement of all the decaying ties. New ones have been (…)

Andrzej Stypiński
Death of Andrzej Stypiński

With regret we would like to inform about the death of our colleague and volunteer of PARE, Andrzej Stypiński. Andrzej was retired officer of Polish Army. A great passion of his was 3D modeling. He was responsible for completing part of the shed’s building documentation, making the renovation of the (…)