Welcome to the website of the Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts

We hope to provide you information regarding the activity of our Organization and would like to encourage you to visit the old Skierniewice Engine Shed during the monthly Open Days and other accompanying events.

Latest news

Harsh winter…

Despite the forecast thaw, last Saturday (23rd January) was exceptional cold. For the whole weekend temperature hardly exceeded 10 degrees below zero. Freezing cold combined with bright winter sun decorated every roof edge of Shed’s buildings with beautiful icicles. Despite the frost, we did not gave up and run our (…)

Under snow blanket…

Winter and all its attributes, snow and frost, slows down the activities in Skierniewice’s Shed. Work in cold is not easy. Multilayer clothing restricts movements and even gloved hands stiffen in contact with metal parts and tools. Even an after work wash-up may be unpleasant. Hot tea quickly gains the (…)

Logo 1 procent, duże
Flat-rate taxpayers, remember about us when settling with IRS!

The end of January is the usual time of settling the taxes for flat-rate taxpayers. This is why we would already like to remind you of the possibility of donating your 1% of income tax to PARE. Why would you support exactly us? Because we are doing our best to (…)

Zima w Parowozowni
Merry Christmas

We would like to wish all the best to members, volunteers, supporters and fans of PARE on the occasion of coming Christmas May this exceptional time fill you hearts with comfort and hope, and let you overcome even the biggest of obstacles.

Preparing new location for historical telephonic exchange.

While expanding the railway communication exhibition (which includes recreating the “Einheitbasa” railway exchange) we spend the last summer and beginning of autumn on building a final piece of equipment in future exhibition rooms – a masonry stove. The stove will play a double role of an exhibit and actual heating (…)

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