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We hope to provide you information regarding the activity of our Organization and would like to encourage you to visit the old Skierniewice Engine Shed during the monthly Open Days and other accompanying events.

Latest news

Return from Skierniewice with Łódź Agglomeration Railway for free!

To improve the experiences of our guests, we tighten our cooperation with Łódź Agglomeration Railway (ŁKA). To encourage the citizens of Łódź Voivodeship to visit the Skierniewice Engine Shed, ŁKA has prepared a special offer. Passengers going to Skierniewice with ŁKA train can use their one-way ticket as a return (…)

Building the railway communication exhibition – part 6

The last two weekends of August 2016 witnessed the grand finale of moving the KATS telephonic exchange. During the four consecutive days everything was transported to their final destination. We started from two racks closest to the entrance to the former exhibition. This way we gained some free space which (…)

The 13th tourist season in Engine Shed has begun

13th tourist season in Engine Shed was launched on Saturday, 6th May. Despite the unpleasant weather, we were visited by 330 guests. This year, many of the exhibitions have been presented in new arrangement. First, the rolling stock exhibition has been moved, so that all renovated vehicles are now sheltered (…)

Occasional radio call-sign of the radio station broadcasting from Skierniewice Engine Shed

Due to the 30th anniversary of establishing the PARE and 13th season of opening the Shed to the public as a museum facility, Skierniewice’s Radio Communication Club of League of Country’s Defence (LOK, call-sign SP7KMX) has established a radio station with the occasional call-sign HF30PSMK. The station will be broadcasting during (…)

Judyta Kurowska-Ciechańska, a laureate of the Steam Engine of Culture

On 28th April, for a second time in Shed’s history, we were hosting the event during which President of City Skierniewice is awarding artists and people active in field of conservation and popularisation of cultural values. This year, among the laureates was our colleague and the citizen of Skierniewice, PARE’s vice-president (…)

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