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We hope to provide you information regarding the activity of our Organization and would like to encourage you to visit the old Skierniewice Engine Shed during the monthly Open Days and other accompanying events.

Latest news

Bractwo Piwne
Rebuild of beer refrigerator car under auspices of the Beer Guild

The rebuild of the beer refrigerator car consists not only from the physical and conceptual work but also from the popularization of the project itself and broadening the knowledge about beer transport on rails. Therefore our natural ally in this venture are organizations of the gold-tinted drink lovers. In January (…)

Piwiarka 5 ścian
New walls of refrigerator car

Opposing the winter weather, the resumed the works by the beer refrigerator car. Despite the short days we’ve managed to cut and fit the paneling of side walls, leaving some place for a pair of double doors in the middle. Lately we continued the works by the front walls. It (…)

1 procent podatku
1% charity from flat-rate tax payers

The end of January is always the final term to provide tax settlement to the Tax Office by the flat-rate tax payers. Therefore we would like to encourage all those who are about to send their tax return to donate the 1% of income tax to PARE. Why is it (…)

Akulok na torze 63
From Witaszyce to Skierniewice

The four-wheeled, battery-powered shunting engine (so called akkulok) was built in 1928 by company AEG for sugar factory in Witaszyce. The vehicle bears factory number 4184. It is of a quite simple design: two electric motors coupled via single stage gearboxes with axles, cramped driver cab with modest equipment with (…)

Wesołych świąt!
Merry Christmas!

While waiting for the coming Christmas and New Year, full of hope we are looking forward to the future. We would like to wish to our colleagues and supporters good health, cheerfulness and many successes in common aspirations. PARE Board, Members and Volunteers