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We hope to provide you information regarding the activity of our Organization and would like to encourage you to visit the old Skierniewice Engine Shed during the monthly Open Days and other accompanying events.

Latest news

Summer holidays in Engine Shed – invitation to the picnic co-organized with Bank Spółdzielczy
Żuk Rally in Engine Shed

On 11th June a unique event took place in our Shed. Responding to the request of the organizers of the 3rd Żuk Rally, the area of Engine Shed become the stage of this extraordinary motorization event intended for the owners of vintage Polish cargo cars and vans, namely brands like (…)

Invitation to the photo plain-air

We would like to invite the fans of photography to a special open day organized for all those who would like to catch on the film the unique atmosphere of the railway facility without the crowds of tourists in the background. The event will take place on Saturday, 18th June (…)

Children’s Day 2016 in the Engine Shed

On 4th June took place one of the oldest annual events in Skierniewice Shed – Special Open Day for Children which take place on the first Saturday after International Children’s Day. This form of visiting the Shed was available long before regular open days. The perfect weather also attracted many (…)

Invitation to the final of Żuk Rally

On 11th June we and the organizers of Żuk Rally would like to invite you to participate in the final of this event. We open the gates of our shed from 5 PM to 7 PM to all the fans of vintage cargo cars. The rally itself will start from (…)

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