Anniversary walk on the Old Powązki cemetery


Our colleague Marek Moczulski would like to invite to the walk on the Old Powązki cemetery on the occasion of 150th anniversary of Railway School (currently School Complex № 7).

The guided walk will follow the route of the graves of famous pupils of the Railway School or pepople connected with this facility: Stanisław Wysocki (1805 – 1868, chief engineer of the Warsaw-Vienna Railway), Zygmunt Noskowski (1846 – 1909, composer), Aleksander Janowski (1866 – 1944, pioneer of local history research), Stanisław Szober (1879 – 1938, linguist), Władysław Pytlasiński (1863 – 1933, wrestler) and numerous headmasters of the school.

The walk starts by the St. Onorata’s Gate of Old Powązki cemetery on 14th May at 11:00 AM and will take around 2 hours.

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