Żuk Rally in Engine Shed


On 11th June a unique event took place in our Shed. Responding to the request of the organizers of the 3rd Żuk Rally, the area of Engine Shed become the stage of this extraordinary motorization event intended for the owners of vintage Polish cargo cars and vans, namely brands like “Żuk”, “Nysa” and “Tarpan”. According to the organizers, 55 teams took part in the event, incuding the participants of charity rally “Złombol”.


The rally departed from Skierniewice’s market square at 9 AM and, following the local roads, it reached various checkpoints. First teams reached the gates of the Shed at 3:30 PM, last joined us 2 hours later. Many of the cars were actually a disused fire engines or police vans, so from a distance they announced they approach with sirens. Starting from 5PM the event was open to the public, yet only small number of Skierniewice’s citizens decided to visit us on that time. It’s a pity as this was probably one of the most interesting rallies upon river Łupia.


The main yard of the Shed quickly filled up with vintage cars and participants enjoyed the picnic atmosphere, supported by sunny and pleasant afternoon. Simultaneously, everybody were impatiently awaiting the results of the rally and especially the announcement of the top places. The waiting time was used for motorization discussions, quick rest on the lawn or sightseeing of the interiors of the Shed. Many took the opportunity to take part in a very peculiar competition in long push with a… rail brake skate.

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After the announcement of results, the teams left the Shed at 7 PM.

dsc_1221   dsc_1230

We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers of the rally for preparation of such an interesting event.

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