Under snow blanket…


Winter and all its attributes, snow and frost, slows down the activities in Skierniewice’s Shed. Work in cold is not easy. Multilayer clothing restricts movements and even gloved hands stiffen in contact with metal parts and tools. Even an after work wash-up may be unpleasant. Hot tea quickly gains the quality of a poor cold drink and an instant soup, when unattended becomes a cold cream.

dsc_0019 dsc_0038

Yet, there are moments when winter sights rewards for the inconveniences.
dsc_0002 dsc_0018

Fresh snow and sharp winter sunlight allows one to view the Shed from a different perspective. White coat covers everything hiding the flaws. Trees and rolling stock receive their own white blanket. Sun uncovers the long forgotten nooks.
One can also learn that we are not the only hosts of the Shed. The snow gives away all secrets – multiple trails of all more or less domestic animals.

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