Traffic control joins the nations


During the visit of three of PARE members in Czechia, we took the opportunity to visit our colleagues from Chornický železniční klub. We followed their activities since learning that similarly to our association they maintain a large collection of railway signalling and traffic control devices. We were especially impressed by their large scale actions of saving a whole signal box equipment. We were eager to met them closer and the opportunity arose on 2nd November.

We met in one of their storages and temporary exhibitions in Skalice nad Svitavou. It would be a shame to visit empty-handed so we prepared a small present. We donated to Marek Řihy parts for the lever frame – route lock levers with associated small parts. The ChŽK has in its collection a lever frame of German type Einheit (Standard) which is quite common in Poland but quite rare in Czechia. Our present will allow to replace the missing parts in this exhibit. Even in its current state, we were impressed by the state of the frame and the quality of the renovation. We hope that this short visit will be a beginning of a longer and fruitful cooperation.

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