Traffic Control Devices

Organizacja wystawy USRK, nastawnica posterunku odstępowego

Collected by PSMK collection of railroad memorabilia for more than two decades, in addition to – the most spectacular – rolling stock it includes many other areas that making up the railway. Almost two years ago, at least in a modest range, due to housing shortages we have enabled shows the elements of communication collection – the automatic Siemens telephone exchange. Currently, we plan to provide another department – traffic control devices (TCD). In the field of TCD, PSMK has an extensive collection dozens of semaphores and many types of internal devices. Now some of them – different types of interlocking control machines and cooperating with them, block devices, we want to be available for visitors (and what is important – to give opportunity to a limited demonstration).

Because of the size and weight, the target of the exposition shape of TCD devices is planned on the basis of a specially adapted part of the workshop and office part in roundhouse building. This requires, unfortunately, a sizeable range of construction work and associated high costs with it. For now, we are bounded to other needs (a few thousand square meters of the roof on the roundhouse building needs to be repaired!) and we are forced to hang those plans for later…

Organizacja wystawy USRK, elementy ławy dźwigniowej

However, in order to broaden opportunities to live our hobby up, as well as improve our Shed exhibition offer, we`ve predicted a staged oranization of a temporary exibition of TCD devices. In planned, placed in our warehouse, exibition we wish to present part of the collection, which will consist: key devices – the Eng. Zazulak transmission box and P46 transmission box – in several versions, with contiguous block devices, mechanical centralized interlock, mechanical distance post interlock and electric slide interlock.

This is a challenging, labor-and time-consuming task, so we invite people interested in TCD to cooperate with their assembly and exposing. We plan opening of the exhibition no earlier than autumn of this year. Opening date will largely depend on the possibility of obtaining funds, even a modest for adaptation of the warehouse.

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