The end of “Ryś” odyssey


The narrow gauge steam engine “Ryś” (“Lynx”, factory number 1541) become the part of PARE collection at the beginning of the association’s existence. Similarly to other narrow gauge exhibits, it was the part of rolling stock of sugar factory in Leśmierz, near Łęczyca. Initially, in exchange for external renovation it was lend to the Board of Commuter Railways (Central Board of State Railways in Warsaw) with intention to use it as cold exhibit in one of the narrow gauge stations. Due to the agreement between State Railways and the Museum of Railways, the engine finally became one of the exhibits of the latter institution. Unfortunately, the uncertain future of the Museum forced us to consider getting the engine back to Skierniewice.


The perfect opportunity occurred in the end of August and beginning of September when City Council of Legionów was looking for a railway attraction, that could add splendor to the opening of new Communication Center in this city. After several consultations it appeared that “Ryś” is a perfect candidate for this purpose. After short formal agreements, a special lorry with loading crane arrived in Museum of Railways on 8th September in the morning. On the same day, the steam engine was placed in front of the new Legionów Station which was to be opened on 11th September.

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Before the vehicle arrived in Skierniewice, some preparation works had to be completed. This time we decided that “Ryś” will be an outdoor exhibit. We needed to take out of the storage a section of a collapsible 600 mm gauge track. It was placed next to the entrance to the main workshop.
On Monday, 12th September after 10 AM, the lorry with long-awaited load arrived in Engine Shed. This way, after more than 20 years spend in Warsaw and a short stopover in Legionów, “Ryś” returned to Skierniewice.

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