Starting another track overhaul in the Shed


This year we received a financing from City Council of Skierniewice for the track maintenance – especially replacement of rotted sleepers in the critical for the Shed track № 59. We decided to once again use concrete sleepers as more durable. Due to historical and economical reasons a reused sleepers will be incorporated. After several-weeks search we managed to buy in Wieliszewo near Warsaw complete sleepers of type INKB-4 with fittings which will nicely go with the S-49 profile rails commonly used in the shed. Another couple of weeks was needed to find an affordable transportation.

On Saturday, 9th July, a whole-day long loading operation was carried out by our volunteers. The cargo reached Skierniewice on 11th July where it was unloaded with backhoe loader already near the place of future use.


imag9380   imag9383

More on the repairs soon!

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