Second part of Valunteers Camp in Engine Shed concluded!


It was not a long time after the first part of the Volunteers Camp when we started enrollment for the next part. We convinced ourselves that many of the former participants treated seriously their declaration to take part in next edition of the event. To our joy, more then half of participants of previous camp returned to us. Another five people took part in the camp for the first time. It is worth noting, that during the weekend top-time, there were more than 20 volunteers and PARE members working in the Shed.


We continued with already known to the participants program of activities, which we had to modify due to the malicious weather – once scorching hot, once soggy and rainy. We focused on the renovation of class Ol49-4 and cleaning up the surroundings of the shed. We also encouraged the volunteers to help in other activities – support in tour guiding, repair of turntable motion mechanism or organization of new telecommunication exhibition. On Saturday’s evening we organized a presentation of old educational movies from our collection. Most of the original, 16mm-tape movies were related to railway topics.

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We would like to express our gratitude to all the participants of the Volunteers Camp.

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