Rock-oratorio “The Petrified Forest. Operation of Łódź 1914. Independence”

In the Sunday evening of 14th October, the interiors of Engine Shed hosted the rock oratorio “The Petrified Forest. Operation of Łódź 1914. Independence


According to the information provided by the authors of the spectacle, during the Battle of Łódź in 1914, lasting 26 days, more than 200 thousand of soldiers have perished. Among them were many Poles forced to serve in one of the occupying armies, many times fighting against each other on the opposite sites. The scale of the battle brought the idea to revive the memory about this event in this original form – sharing the characteristics of a concert, a performance, partially even a prayer and actively involving the audience.


The performance is prepared by the foundation “Poland will speak up” in cooperation with Łódź Special Economic Zone and the branch of the Institute of National Remembrance in Łódź. The honourable patronage over the event is provided by the Defence Secretary and the Culture and National Heritage Secretary, the Vice-marshal of Senate prof. Michał Sewerynski. The première of the oratorio took place on 15th August 2017 in the European Institute in Łódź. The performance in Skierniewice was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as a part for the creative fund “Accessible Culture”.


Lyrics: Krzysztof Jerzy Krawczyk, Sławomir Macias, Bogdan Loebl
Music: Krzysztof Jerzy Krawczyk, Zbigniew Nikodemski
Realisation: KGBand
Script: Krzysztof Jerzy Krawczyk, Sławomir Macias
Director: Remigiusz Caban
Dramaturgy: Remigiusz Caban, Adam Słowik
Scenography: Grzegorz Zieliński
Cooperation: Witold Ancerowicz
Executive producer: Andrzej Słowik, Adam Słowik

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