Our volunteer has passed away


Right before the end of this year we received a sad news about the death of our young volunteer. Paulina Sasin, coming from Białystok, has frequently visited us to help in various activities in Engine Shed. A long distance from her home was not any obstacle in this case. In her home town she was well known from her high spirit and engagement in social affairs. She brought this unique energy with her to our Shed. One could always see her smiling, no matter what kind of work she was doing at the moment – whether this was renovation works by the rolling stock or artistic initiatives.

Paula’s funeral will take place on 1st January 2017 at 13:00 in Karakule.

We would like to pass our sympathy to Paula’s family and her colleagues form various non-government organisations in Białystok, including WOŚP Białystok.

Farewell, Paula…


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