New Year’s Meeting

Krata koło SP30-218

As each year, a traditional New Year’s Meeting for members, volunteers and fans of PARE took place on Saturday, 18th January. As usual, it was a great opportunity to sum up the last year’s activities, plan new aims for the future and discuss the common topics. We are very glad, that nearly 40 people from all around Poland (ex. from Skierniewice, Łódź, Warsaw, Zamość, Jaworzyna Śląska, Świebodzice, Pruszków, Zielonka) took part in the event.

A new tradition was introduced by our youngest colleagues – everybody interested could integrate not only by the holiday table but also by the joint work in the roundhouse. This time, one could lose some holiday calories by the work on the lengthened sightseeing route. This way, another patch of loose plaster was chiseled away and new bars were fitted in unprotected windows. We do hope this new tradition will catch on.

We would like to remind that every week the doors of the engine shed are open to all those who are eager to spend actively and usefully their free time.

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