Special Open Day for Children is over

Dzień Dziecka 2014 - Łupia czeka On Saturday, 7th June, according to our every year’s tradition, we organized a special a special edition of the Open Day on the occasion of the International Children’s Day. Contrary to the ordinary Open Days, our visitors could freely move around the Engine Shed, so that the youngest guests would not get bored with the lengthy speeches of the guides or strict sightseeing route. Therefore one could freely choose among many attractions and exhibitions available on that day.

Dzień Dziecka 2014 - stoisko PLK Thanks to the sunny weather we were visited by 546 people. Except the regular exhibitions, one could visit the stands of our partners. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe promoted its safe railway crossing campaign „Stop and Live”, where everybody could learn about the important rules of using level crossings. The Landscape Park of Bolimów encouraged to visit its picturesque forests and its many hiking or cycling routes.

Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers technical tracks of the Shed were available for recreational short trips, either with a handcar or inside a historical train consisting of the passenger coach of 4th class from 1889. Inside, a railwayman in historic uniform punched the Edmondson-type tickets with a vintage conductor’s pincers.

Dzień Dziecka 2014 - Łupia oczekuje... Dzień Dziecka 2014 - kontrola biletów

Children could also see the contemporary vehicles from PKP PLK track maintenance services – motor carts WMB10-223 and WM15-260 as well as the emergency vehicle “Unimog”. One could also visit the exhibition of the railway safety devices and signal box equipment, located in the old warehouse.

Dzień Dziecka 2014 - WMB10-223 Dzień Dziecka 2014 - USRK

Children could also visit the artistic corner, were they could try to draw a steam engine or have their face colorfully decorated.

Dzień Dziecka 2014 - stoisko plastyczne Dzień Dziecka 2014 -buźki

Hungry guests could help themselves by the catering stand of Atmosfera pizza house.

We would like to say a kind “thank You” to all our guests and partners.


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