Facelift of reception house

Portiernia po remoncie

At the turn of May and June, the interior of our reception house was completely refurbished. The building, erected in 1989, is currently the main entrance and visitors reception desk. However, for the long years its fate, as the youngest construction in the Shed, was not so obvious. It was even considered to be knocked down due to the advanced state of disrepair. However, the building appeared very useful during the first ever Open Days in Engine Shed – after emergency repairs of the roof, the reception house could be exploited on each event in the Shed. Yet, the interior called for at least a new coat of paint.

Eventually, we decided it is a high time to refurbish the building. The interior, as well as doors and windows frames were cleaned and repainted.  The reception house in its new appearance could be admired for the first time during the last Children’s Day in engine Shed.

Soon we plan to carry out similar works at the volunteers social rooms.

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