With axe and shears – the second volunteers camp in the Shed


Another turn of this year’s volunteers camp took place during the weekend of 25th and 26th August. We had quite ambitious plans but the weather stood against us. Still, it did not discouraged from continuing the uneven fight with the overgrowth. This time we had to chop our way through the little jungle that over the years took over the old coal storage. We would like to say a big thank you to all the participants. Those who would like to help us but hadn’t the opportunity so far can join us on 22nd and 23rd September. See you!

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The volunteers camp is supported by the National Heritage Board – Together for Heritage.

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Beginning of the Volunteers Camp


Not without unforeseen difficulties, we managed to commence the series of volunteers camps. According to the requirements of the supporting institutions (the National Board of Heritage), we focused on the upkeep of the Shed’s surroundings. Therefore, there was hardly anyone working by the renovation of class Ty51-1 engine – most of the efforts were directed to fight the overgrowth and remove the traces of vandalism, which involved replacing the broken glass in windows and painting over the graffiti.

During the first stage of the camp (11th-15th August) participants directed their efforts to clean up and repaint the gates on the entry tracks from the side of the station. Due to the remoteness of this part of the shed from other buildings and frequent need to use power tools, we made a good use of the portable electric generator.

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Another group of volunteers cleaned the area behind the roundhouse and then the coal storage, starting from track № 53. they had to simultaneously cut out the overgrowth and remove the remains of previous works in this area. In the past we had some problems with getting rid of the plant waste. This time wood was immediately crumbled into chips and disposed.

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We also organised an open-for-all events. On 12th August a screening of documentary about Józef Piłsudski “17 days that decided of Poland” took place. The film was directed by Leszek Staroń. Some scenes of the documentary were shot in our Shed e.g. the interiors of army staff train was actually the passenger compartment of “Wittfeld” motor unit. After the screening, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the film with the director and his crew.

Except the obligatory work on the upkeep of the Shed, we used some spare moments to tend our exhibits – renovation of the block signal box frame on the signalling exhibition and repainting of the class Ty51-1.

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The volunteers camp is supported by the National Heritage Board – Together for Heritage.

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Contract for the renovation of the roundhouse’s roof


On Monday, 20th August, at the Marshal’s of Łódź Voivodeship office, we signe together with vice-marshal Artur Bagiński the agreement for further financial support of the renovation works in the Shed. This time the financing covers the repairs of the roundhouse’s roof above stands 21 to 23. This part of the roof was temporarily repaired 10 years ago and it’s high time for a general overhaul. We plan to start the works at the beginning of September. We would like to express our gratitude to the authorities of Łódź Voivodeship for the provided support.

Photo: Jacek Grabarski / UMWŁ

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Sweltering open day


Saturday, 4th August was another day in a streak of exceptionally hot summer days. We were visited by 245 guests, which is a high number considering the unbearable heat at the open space. We would like to thank to all those who visited us on that day, ŁKA for providing the free return for our visitors and Atmosfera pizza-house for providing the catering.

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Mixing in Uniejów


A weekend of 4th and 5th August was exceptionally busy for us. Except the usual Open Day, a representation of PARE took part in another event outside of Skierniewice. On the invitation of Łódź Voivodeship’s Council we were guests at the event promoting the attractions of Łódź region. This time we reached Uniejów to participate in Regional Mixer together with our neighbours form Rogów – Rawa Biała Narrow Gauge Railway.

We would like to thank to Łódź Voivodeship’s Council for the invitation and our colleagues from Rogów for fruitful cooperation.

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Photographic evening in the Engine Shed


Sunsets have their special magic. Therefore, we would like to invite all those who enjoy the colour of late afternoon sun to visit us on Saturday, 18th August at 6 PM during the special evening photo session. The visitors will have an opportunity to freely take photographs of the Shed’s surroundings without being interrupted by the crowds of tourists.

Free admission, registering to the event takes place till 6.30 PM at the Shed’s entrance.