Steam Engines of Culture prizes


On Friday, 15th June, our main workshop once again hosted an event devoted to the people of culture from Skierniewice. The name of the gala – Steam Engines of Culture – makes the Shed a perfect location fur such an event. It is its third edition, end we would like to note, that last year our colleague and the vice-president of PARE, Judyta Kurowska-Ciechańska, received a prize for her exceptional involvement in the renovation of the Engine Shed. This year we were happy to witness our long-term friends and partners as the prize winners.


Zbyszek Gradowski has many times visited the Shed and documented it on his beautiful photographs. He is also a great admirer of the history of Skierniewice and the long forgotten or dismantled locations in the city like the Władysław Stokacz’s brewery. He is also the president of the Skierniewice Beer Guild which supports the renovation of our beer refrigerator car. Moreover, he is the author of the portal devoted mostly to the history of Skierniewice. Domonika Dawidowicz is the founder and the supervisor of the theatrical group Banana Perwers. Along with her students she has organized many spectacles during the events in the engine shed.


Other prizes went to the people supporting the cultural activities in Skierniewice, The recipients were: Piotr Bigos (manager of the cinema and theatre “Polonez”), Irena Socichowska (vocal teacher) and Monika Kotowska (choreographer and the supervisor of the AT 4-20 dance group). During the gala, Mrs Grażyna Głuszek was praised for her financial support of the cultural events in Skierniewice. The artistic part of the event was performed by the Banana Perwers members – Zuzia Ambroziak and Włodzimierz Stefanowicz.

We would like to once again congratulate Dominika, Zbyszek and other recipients of the prize.

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Big and small railway during the Children’s Day in the Engine Shed


This year’s Children’s Day in the Engine Shed (2nd June) was full of attractions directed both to the youngest and the adult fans of railways. It was possible thanks to the multiple partners that collaborated with us in the organisation of this event.

The main point of interest on this day was located in the old workshop, which was dominated by a miniature railway. On side of the workshop was occupied by a modular layout in H0e scale by the Independent Railway Model Project. At the distance of several meters a stretch of narrow-gauge line was painstakingly recreated. Pleasant to the eyes was the recreation of Polish rolling stock and the surroundings of a climatic local line.

Opposite side of the workshop, at the stand of PIKO company, the youngest visitors were offered the possibility to learn how to control a G-scale model and have a look on the new offer of Polish rolling stock models in much smaller but more popular scale H0.

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More attractions were awaiting outside. Visitors were excited with the possibility to look at from outside and inside (and even take a short trip in) the modern emergency, road-rail vehicle from PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., This large vehicle was accompanied by a smaller, but still proudly representing its duty, van of Railway Guards. In the meantime, PKP Cargo S.A. set up a stand where the youngest guests of the Engine Shed could participate in competitions and games regarding railways.

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Of course, we did not forget about the traditional forms of sightseeing. A portion of the roundhouse was opened for visitors, where the could see the most precious vehicles from our collection, e.g. the battery motor unit Wittfeld and a renewed steam engine class Ol49-4. As always, the biggest attraction was the exhibition of railway signalling and traffic control, where the visitors could learn about the different devices ensuring a safe movement of trains and have a glimpse on the mysterious signals that each train driver must know.

As the time spend in the Shed might make some visitors exhausted and hungry. Atmosfera Pizza-house responded to their needs on the gastronomical stand. At the end of the day, those travelling by the ŁKA trains could travel back for free after receiving a special stamp on their train ticket.

We area happy to report that the amount of the attractions really boosted the attendance of visitors. On that day, precisely 590 guests visited us. We would like to express our gratitude to the partners that contributed to this result.



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