Happy Easter


We would like to wish to our fans, visitors and supporters a peaceful and joyful Easter.

Members, volunteers and the board of the Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts

Another season of track works has begun


An exceptionally cold and snowy March didn’t provided much opportunities for outdoor activities. Just on the last weekend (24th to 25th March) were we able to begin the long planned improvements in Shed’s track infrastructure. This year we will take care of the most dilapidated track leading from the turntable to the roundhouse’s stand 12. The first day gave us hints that a hard work awaits us – some of track screws are rusted solid and some were hidden under a thick layer of concrete at the entrance to the roundhouse.

The works, supported by the President of City of Skierniewice, will be continued on 14th and 15th April. If you would like to help us, please contact us at wolontariat@psmk.org.pl.


Tourism fairs “Where cultures meet”


From 16th to 18th March we promoted our Shed during the 24th Fairs of Regional Tourism “Where cultures meet”. The visitors of the fairs could find us at the Łódź International Fair hall at Politechniki Street 4, where we had our stand. Contrary to previous years, this time we were the only representatives from Skierniewice. Traditionally, we were dressed in the historical railway uniforms.

During the fairs we took the time to not only promote our facility but also to refresh the old acquaintance and establish new contacts.

See you again, Łódź, in a year. And still this year we will be present on one more fairs – in Zabrze.


We took part in the conference „History on sightseeing routes”

dscn8588 Photo by C. Chlubek-Adamczyk (Museum in Rybnik)

On 14th and 15th March our colleagues Judyta Kurowska-Ciechańska and Ariel Ciechański (representing also the department of Geography and Landscape Planning of the Polish Academy of Science) took part in the conference „History on sightseeing routes”. The conference was organized by the Museum in Rybnik and the University’s of Silesia Institute of History in Katowice. Our representatives gave a lecture “Engine Shed Skierniewice as inspiration with railway history for tourists”. The event was not only an opportunity to promote our Shed but also to learn of invaluable experiences of other similar facilities.