Days of Public Transportation in Engine Shed Skierniewice


We would like to invite you to visit us on 23rd September during the special Open Day coinciding with the Days of Public Transportation in Warsaw. During this day, visitors can sightsee the shed in guided groups. Groups start at 11AM, 12AM and 1PM.

Free admission.

Art contest on the 30th anniversary of PARE

Dzień Dziecka 2015 - rysunki

We would like to invite pupils of kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools to participate in the art contest on the 30th anniversary of Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts entitled “Skierniewice Engine Shed in children’s eyes”. The aim of the contest is to broaden the interest of the youngest in the history of railway.

We encourage the participants seeking the inspiration and their teachers to visit us on the special Open Day for schools on 15th September. Please call us at +48 730 181 323 to arrange the visit hour.

Contest works can be submitted under three age categories: kindergarten, elementary and secondary school. Works have to be submitted before 25th September 2017 via post (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Kolei, Pl. Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa), via email (, maximum attachment size – 10MB) or delivered in person to the Engine Shed Skierniewice (please arrange the reception hour beforehand – phone +48 730 181 323). Deciding is the date of post stamp or, in case of works delivered via e-mail or personally, date of receiving the work.

Jury, consisting of representatives of the organizer, will select the most interesting works, which will be displayed at the exhibition, starting on 7th October 2017 at 2PM in the main workshop of the Skierniewice’s Shed. Authors of the best works will be rewarded during the opening day.

The exhibition will be available for public during all Open Days and special events till the end of season 2017 (till 25th November 2017). Exhibition will be continued during the next season 2018. The best works will be published in the special gallery at the PARE website.

Volunteers tidied up the Shed’s surroundings


Due to the rainy weather, we had to reorganize the first days of yet another volunteers camp. We had to put aside the renovation works by the class Ty51-1 engine and focus on the upkeep of the shed’s buildings and surrounding areas. Volunteers dealt swiftly with heaps of leafs and cut grass and proceeded to fight the self-sown plants in the old coal storage.

p_20170902_111200 p_20170902_141114 p_20170902_171447 p_20170902_171452 p_20170903_104551 p_20170903_124654

They also continued the work on replacing the broken glass panes at the back of the roundhouse. The rented AWP helped in reaching the highest parts of the windows. Simultaneously we cleaned up the area behind the main roundhouse. We were also able to continue the repainting of the fence thanks to the supply of paints provided by “Castorama” from Skierniewice.

img_20170902_155716318 img_20170902_162809809 p_20170903_131305 p_20170901_181418

Sponsored from the funds of THE National Heritage Board – Volunteering for Heritage programme

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A couple of words about September’s Open Day


The unpredictable weather on 2nd September discouraged many to go out. Only the bravest decided to visit us despite the possible rain. We were happy to admit to Engine Shed 192 visitors. It is worth noting that more and more of our guests are taking advantage of special offer of Łódź Commuter Railway (ŁKA) allowing them to return to their departure station for free.

Thank you very much for visiting us!

We would like to invite you to the next open days on 16th and 17th September.

Subscription to the Open Day for schools

Dzień otwarty dla szkół 2013, przewodnicy

As each year, we would like to invite teachers and their pupils to visit us during the special Open Day for Schools, which will take place on 15th September (Friday) from 8AM to 3PM. Due to the limited size of visiting groups please arrange the visit time beforehand.

Available attractions:

  • collection of historical rolling stock;
  • railway workshop with steam engines maintenance equipment;
  • railway smithy with original equipment;
  • exhibition of railway signalling equipment.

Please call us at +48 730 181 323 to arrange the visit time.

E-volunteers wanted!


Attention Czech, Russian, French and German speakers! We are looking for volunteers who woul like to help us in translation of leaflets regarding the Skierniewice Shed, which were created as a part of the project “Volunteering in Engine Shed Skierniewice as a way of creating patriotic care for heritage of first Polish railway”, supported by the National Board fo Heritage, programme Volunteering for Heritage.

The leaflets are double-side-printed, triple-folded A4 sheets briefly describing the most significant parts of our collection. All interested in help can receive volunteers agreement, participation certificate and reference when requested. All interested are encouraged to contact us at

Find us on Instagram!


In August we added yet another link to our social network. Now you can check what is going on in Skierniewice Engine Shed on Instagram – you can follow us and see snapshots of the Shed’s everyday life which usually are not published on our web page or Facebook profile.

“Bananas” back on stage in Skierniewice Shed


After last year’s come-back of the theatre group “Banana Perwers” on the Shed’s stage, also this year we had the opportunity to host their performance. In cooperation with PARE and club Oaza, on 25th August they staged one-act play “Deer” (“Jeleń”) by Sławomir Mrożek and skit “The hunter from State Railways” (“Myśliwy z PKP”) by Patryk Kwaśniewski, using our carriage Steinfurt (from 1889, the oldest surviving passenger car in Poland) as a stage and backdrop. 96 spectators viewing the performance, had later the opportunity to take part in screening of music clip to the song “The Need” (“Potrzeba”) (written by M. Łukasiewicz, music by W. Stefanowicz) and common reading of Tuwim’s children’s verse “Locomotive”.

dsc_3466 dsc_0170 dsc_0175 dsc_0187

Invitation to the September’s Open Day in Engine Shed

Dzień otwarty maj 2015 - grupa koło Ty51-1

We would like to invite you to yet another Open Day in Engine Shed, which will take place on Saturday, 2nd September from 11AM to 3PM. Visiting groups, led by a guide dressed in a historical railway uniform, will have the opportunity to learn of the history of vehicles in our collection and the Shed itself. This year, our guests can enjoy the longer sightseeing route inside the biggest building in the Shed’s complex – the roundhouse from 1862-1942. Except the collection of historical rolling stock, our usual exhibitions are also opened to the visitors:

  • steam engines maintenance equipment,
  • interactive exhibition of signaling and traffic safety equipment.

Guided tours will start at 11AM, 12AM, 1PM and 2PM.

Tired and hungry visitors can taste delicious grilled dishes at the stand of Atmosfera pizza house.

Free admission.

We are not afraid of storms…


… and so are not our volunteers. The third Volunteers Camp, supported by the National Board of Heritage, was dominated by rather unfavourable weather. On Friday, it was still possible to continue the outdoor works, mostly devoted to the renovation of the turntable and class Ty51-1, but starting from Saturday’s afternoon this area of activity become impossible. At first it was a bit of challenge to find some works inside the buildings. In case of the turntable, renovation effort was focused at the interior of the operator’s booth.

p_20170820_123025 p_20170820_114432

Those interested in the renovation of steam engines could help us by the exhibits standing inside the roundhouse. The help of the volunteers was also very valuable at the exhibition of signalling devices.


On Sunday, our efforts were observed and filmed by the crew preparing a document about the programme Volunteering for Heritage. Not only the volunteers’ efforts were recorded – those willing to, had the opportunity to say a couple of words about their motivation to participate in such programme and why they were specifically interested in Skiernieiwce’s shed.

We would like to thank to the participants of the 3rd Volunteers Camp and encourage all interested in subscribing for the next part, which will take place from 1st to 3rd September.

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