This year’s track works finished


We completed the track works, which were planned for this year. We repaired the most worn-out parts which called for quick replacement of sleepers. Repairs would not be possible without the support of City Council of Skierniwice (donation of 6500 PLN based on own capital 1650 PLN), which allowed us to buy new parts and sleepers. The repairs itself were carried out by the PARE members with major help provided by the participants of Technical Workshops supported by Bank Zachodni WBK Foundation.

Class Ol49-4 in shelter


The reconstruction of the roundhouse’s skylight over the stands 1 to 3 will soon reach its final. Therefore, this part of the roundhouse has now perfect condition for storing the most valuable, restored exhibits. We decided to relocate here all those vehicles which till now were placed in various spots in the Shed. First to move under the new roof was steam engine class Ol49-4, which renovation will be soon over. It found its place on stand 3, next to the Wittfeld battery motor unit.

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Further repairs of track № 59


Taking into consideration our experience from the previous years, we decided to avoid any heavy track works during the most severe heat. Autumn seemed the best time in the year for such type of activity. Benefiting from the mild weather of early October, we continued replacing deteriorated sleepers in track № 59. Works, carried out mostly by the participants of Technical Workshop, were supported by the City Council of Skierniewice and Bank Zachodni WBK Foundation. Track reparirs will be continued in upcoming Autumn weekends.


Breaking records


The October Open Day was the opportunity to break another records. And all that due to the two motorized groups which decided to visit us simultaneously o the same day. Therefore, we would like to report with pride that the number of guests had surpassed the magic border of 6134 people. On Saturday, 1st October, the gate of the Shed was crossed by 409 tourists. Thanks to that, this year’s visitors count reached already 6238 people. And that’s still not the end of the touristic season.


This impressive result is connected with another record number – never before were we visited by such a great number of motorcycles. Thanks to the rally organized to celebrate the end of motorcycling season by the Sochaczew Motorcyclist Association 196 bikes arrived in the Shed. At the same time we were visited by the participants of 37th Warsaw’s Rally of Vintage Cars in the count of 27 teams. It’s worth noting that this is yet another such event which arrived in our facility from the neighboring Żyrardów. The individual visitors also did not forgot about us on that day.

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