Another subsidy for roof repairs

Dach - kanał 4 Several weeks ago we reported that we are waiting for results of two subsidy competitions to which we applied for assets for further roof repairs. On Friday, 24th October the City Council of Skierniewice approved the result of one of them assigning to PARE 50 000PLN for repair of 300 sq. meters of roundhouse roof! There’s only a couple of documents left to be filled in and with the beginning of November we can start the works on the roof above stands 4 to 6. Therefore, in next years a whole interior of the roundhouse will be available for visitors.

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice

Invitation to a walk at Old Powązki Cemetery

From 2007 PARE organizes on 2nd November the walk on the route of graves of famous railroaders at Old Powązki Cemetery. This year we would like to visit the graves of people who contributed to the development of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad and famous railroad architects. Group meets by the gate of St. Honorata at 11AM. The guide will be dressed in historical railway uniform.

Kwesta na Starych Powązkach, 2013 We are also taking part for the fifth time in the All Souls’ Day collection organized for 40 years by a Jerzy Waldorff’s Committee of Powązki Restoration. You can find us by the grave of engineer Stanisław Wysocki (catacomb alley) or by the grave of Władysław Stanisław Reymont. We will be accompanied by our collegues from SKM and Warsaw commuter railway. You can easily recognize us, as we will be aslo dressed in railway uniforms.

Another stage of roof repair finished

Dach - kanał 7 On the last days of September the repair works of roundhouse roof were inspected. The repairs were sponsored by Conservationist Office of Łódź Voivodship (35 000PLN) and 1% of income tax for PARE (more than 20 000PLN). Works were conducted perfectly by company “Marbudex” from Skierniewice and included total replacement of roof cladding above stands 7 to 9. However, this is not an end of the renovation works – we hope that before the start of season 2015 the whole interior of the roundhouse will be available to visitors.

Łódzki Wojewódzki Konserwator Zabytków


The end of points repairs

Rozjazd 128 - przywóz podkładów At last we finished the works by the replacement of old ties under the points № 128 in track № 59 – a main artery between the station and the turntable. During the works conducted in several stages, beginning from March, we removed the rotten ties and dirty ballast. Next we placed the new ties and fixed the part of the points back on their place. The purchase of new ties was possible thanks to the donation of 8000PLN offered by Skierniewice City Council.

Rozjazd 128 po wykonanych pracach Rozjazd 128 - łącznik w stanie surowym Rozjazd 128 - korytowanie łącznika In the meantime, it appeared that the joint track between the repaired points and the older double slip also required immediate intervention. We managed to complete the works with recycled materials and new track screws sponsored by company „Śrubena-Unia” from Żywiec.

Repairs of set of points were supported by

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice   Śrubena-Unia S.A.

Visit from Lipce Reymontowskie Elementary School

Dzieci ze Szkoły Podstawowej w Lipcach Reymontowskich The ever growing PARE collection of rolling stock and museum exhibitions are prepared especially for the younger audience so we are happy to report that more and more school groups are visiting the Skierniewice Shed.

We were very fond of the record-breaking attendance during the September Open Day for Schools and yet another group of nearly 150 pupils from Lipce Reymontowskie Elementary School visited us on last Tuesday (21st October). Young guests were not discouraged by rainy weather and eagerly took part in excursion around the Shed, listening to the guide with interest and even taking notes.

SP Lipce na placu SP Lipce notowanie

We would like to thank to our young fans and would like to encourage more schools to contact and visit us.

First patrons of beer refrigerator car rebuild

From the beginning we try to interest as many parties as possible in the rebuild of the beer refrigerator car. Our work was followed from the early stages by the members of Skierniewice Beer Guild and internet portal No wonder that both parties responded positively without hesitation to our call for honorary patronage of the project.

We would  like to thank both organizations for their support.

Skierniewickie Bractwo Piwne

The end of touristic season

Ostatni Dzień Otwarty w 2014 r. The 10th touristic season in Skierniewice Engine Shed has come to an end – all this year’s regular Open Days are past. During the last of those events, on sunny Saturday (4th October) we were visited by 180 guests – that gives a total of nearly 5700 visitors in the whole year. Yet, this is not the end of the special events in the Shed – we would like to invite you to the upcoming Railwayman Day.

In the meantime, the Shed will not fall into the winter sleep – there is still plenty of work to be done by the points and the beer refrigerator car. We also need to clean up the yard behind the roundhouse after the roof repairs and prepare ourselves for the autumn battle with leafs.

Invitation to the last Open Day in year 2014

Zwiedzający na placu We would like to invite our fans to the last in this year Open Day in Skieniewice Engine Shed on 4th October.

As always, feel free to visit our rolling stock collection, the old railway workshop and smithy and the interactive exhibition of railway signaling and traffic safety devices. Catering will be provided by Atmosfera pizza house.

We also encourage you to visit the new exhibition of photographs from “Railway in lens” competition.

Guided tours will start every hour at 11.00AM, 12.00AM, 1.00PM and 2.00PM

Free admission.


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