Invitation to a photographic event in the Engine Shed

Plener 26-04-2014 Together with the Photographic Team Łódź, we would like to invite you to the plein-air photographic event in Skierniewice’s Shed. In order to take part in the event, please subscribe via e-mail providing participant’s name, surname and contact phone. Subscription lasts to 23rd April. Each participant has to acknowledge the sightseeing rules. Remember to take your personal ID for participation verification.

New grants for roundhouse roof repairs!

Zbieramy wkład własny na dotacje 2014 We would like to calm all concerned about a lack of news regarding grants – we have already received two confirmations of reserved assets for PARE – one from the Ministry of Culture and one from Łódź Voivodeship Conservationist. However, in order to ensure that we actually receive the granted assets, we have to fill in and send to the grantgivers all the required documents.  As for now, we are collecting the remaining documentation and agreements .

Yet, another grant application is in progress and we are already aware that the total sum of required own assets exceeds the total income from 1% of income tax from lat year. Therefore, we would be grateful if you will not forget about PARE when filling in tax declaration.

Repairs of points № 128 started!

Przyjechały podrozjazdnice z Czeremchy We have launched first of this year’s repairs funded from the public assets. As we informed several weeks ago, City Council of Skierniewice has donated 8000PLN for overhaul of set of points № 128 in track № 59. Repairs assume complete replacement of all the decaying ties. New ones have been already delivered on 28th March by the railway ties manufacturing company from Czeremcha.

Zaczynamy demontaż rozjazdu nr 128 Works will be performed only by the volunteers and members of PARE. Repairs have been divided into stages resulting from the construction of the points, ie. into sections between neighboring rail joints. First stage required complete disassembling of more than a half of the points – on Saturday, 29th March, we removed side rails and blades. Next was the removal of completely falling apart ties. In the evening, we sorted the rail screws – about 60% have rusted away and cannot be reused. Because of the tight budget, we are now in search of a producer or seller, who would be eager to donate or provide a discount on purchase of 350 pieces of screws of type P49.

Demontaż lewej opornicy Demontaż lewej opornicy

Demontaż lewej opornicy Jeszcze podrozjazdnice i na dziś koniec.

As for now, only the old ballast needs to be removed and we can start lying new ties and reassembling of rails. After that we can take care of the remaining section of points. Repairs are  to be continued through April and March, accordingly to the weather conditions. Any help will be appreciated. We would also like to encourage you to support the overhaul with 1% of the income tax.