Death of Andrzej Stypiński

Andrzej Stypiński With regret we would like to inform about the death of our colleague and volunteer of PARE, Andrzej Stypiński. Andrzej was retired officer of Polish Army. A great passion of his was 3D modeling. He was responsible for completing part of the shed’s building documentation, making the renovation of the Engine Shed possible. Except that, he was in the midst of the preparation of CG visualization of the Engine Shed’s buildings. His early death (Andrzej was 62 years old) has spoiled our plans to present in June his work to the public.

Funeral mass will take place on Saturday (29th march) at 13.00 in Garrison Church in Skierniewice (funeral procession start at 12.00 from cemetery chapel near Strobowska Street 19).

First subsidy in 2014

Remont rozjazdu

Several days ago we have signed first in this year subsidy for renovation of the Engine Shed. Thanks to the support of Skierniewice’s City Council amounting to 8000 złotys, we will be able to complete the overhaul of the set of points in track 59. Soon, we are going to choose the supplier of the track ties and at the turn of March and April we will start their replacement.

We encourage all interested in help to contact us via e-mail.

Ready for guests admission

Trasa zwiedzania wydłużona Several weeks long preparations of a lengthened sightseeing route inside the roundhouse are nearly finished! Beginning May, we would like to invite you to visit the route which now reach more than a half of the length of the roundhouse. Lengthening of the route was possible thanks to the funds of the Łódź Voivodship’s Conservationist and 1% donation from income tax.

Among the vehicles, which will be available during the sightseeing, will be steam engine class Ty2-1407, narrow gauge engine Las 1984 and diesel engine class SP30-218.

Depending on the available resources and pace of the roof’s repairs, we are going to make further vehicles accessible to the visitors.

Public auction for delivery of points ties

Remont obrotnicy We would like to inform that at the subpage Public auction (Polish only), we have placed a detailed specification and an invitation to place offers for delivery of new ties for a standard set of points with rails of type S-49. Offers can be placed till 15th March 2014.

Invitation to Gera

Parowozownia w Gerze Our colleagues from the association Geraer Eisenbahnwelten, placed in Skierniewice’s twin town Gera, would like to invite you to visit Gera’s Engine Shed during the upcoming events in 2014 – more info at the official website of the association (German only).