Touristic Regions Fairs ‘Where The Cultures Meet’

On February 25th-27th, on the invitation of the City Council of Skierniewice, we`ve participated with the Council in the seventeenth edition of the Fairs – Touristic Regions Where The Cultures Meet. The fair is organized annually by the Lodz International Fairs. During this year’s exhibition we were promoting, what is interesting for tourists in Skierniewice. We have emphasized the role of the city, as the national capital of agricultural and fruit growing. Also advertised the monuments at the forefront of the coming from seventeenth century, a beautiful palace village with the bishop’s palace, the seat once known – most of the literary output – Bishop Ignacy Krasicki. But visually Skierniewice exhibition stand was devoted to the beauty of the old railway. Skierniewice, however, was the first railway junction chronologically in the Polish Kingdom. Already in 1845 you could get away from here by train in three directions – to Warsaw, Łowicz and Rogów …

Targi Na Styku Kultur, stoisko PSMK Targi Na Styku Kultur, stoisko PSMK Targi Na Styku Kultur, stoisko PSMK

Skierniewice are also a place where stands the oldest preserved today – still functionally linked to the rail – roundhouse. The city can also boast a beautiful “gateway” – a clean, neat, 135-year-old railway station. And that is why large photo of the station platform, hung on the rear walls of the stand gave the impression of perspective and space. A first plan was arranged with several of our exhibits for the viewers. Railway impression fill up a fellows, dressed in railway uniforms from 1960-1990 period. Unusual arrangement and commitment of people running the stand – Council staff and us – the members PSMK have been fully appreciated.

Targi Na Styku Kultur, nagroda Najlepszy Wystawca

City Council of Skierniewice has been awarded this year one of the two main prizes, awarded by the jury of fairs, to the best exhibitors. The prize is the more valuable that the highest fair award was granted to the City for the first time.

We congratulate the City Council of Skierniewice and also to our members – co-authors of the succes.

It’s time for another restoration!

Remont wagonu piwiarki

Completed in 2009, repair of 4th class carriage from the 1889, for a time forced us to re-gather the forces (and resources). It is hardly surprising, since the activists hands conducted a complicated repair of passenger car. In 2010, activities at the rolling stock was rather limited, closing smaller preparatory work, the ongoing renovation of the WM5-872 and time-consuming – so therefore less spectacular successive renovation of the steam locomotive Ol49-4. This year, in view of the guaranteed financial support of authority of Skierniewice proceed us to the next rebuild – this time a beer reefer.