During the November holidays


For the last 8 years our members are participating in the All Saints Day collection organized by the Committee of Old Powązki Cemetary Restoration. As each year you could have meet us dressed in historical railway uniforms in the vicinity of the grave of Stanisław Wysocki (1805-1868), the builder of the Warsaw-Vienna Railroad. On 29th October and 1st November our colleagues Paweł Mierosławski, Marek Moczulski and Andrzej Paszke were joined by Maria Balicka, Kamil Migdał and Paweł Rybak from Warsaw’s Commuter Railway.

Traditionally, we organized on 2nd November the 10th walk on the All Saints Day. Due to the 30th anniversary of PARE we wlaked along the route of the graves of famous people related to the Warsaw-Vienna Railroad but also other railwaymen related to Skierniewice and our Shed.

17-11-01-kwesta-fot-marek-moczulski-3 17-11-01-kwesta-fot-agata-moczulska-3

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