Death of Zbigniew Tyszko

Ś.P. Zbigniew Tyszko

With regret we would like to inform about the death of our colleague and senior member of PARE Zbigniew Tyszko, who passed away on 20th September at the age of 83.

Zbigniew Tyszko was the head of PARE’s peer tribunal from 1987 to 1993. From his early years connected with Warsaw: he was the graduate of Electrical Department of Warsaw Technical University, then the employee of Center of Railway Study and Development and Railway Museum in Warsaw. Great social activist, member of “Solidarity”. Councillor and vice-mayor of Warszawa Ochota district. Editor-in-chief of “Nasza Ochota” newspaper and Civic Comitee’s magazine “Solidarność”. Author of countless articles of railway and family history topics. He was decorated with the Home Army Cross and the Gold Cross of Merit.

Funeral mass will take place on 26th September at 2:00PM in Funeral House at Powązki Wojskowe Cemetery.

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