Continuing the track repairs


We reached the semi-finals of the repairs of the track № 12 leading to one of the stands of the roundhouse. The works are supported by the City Council of Skierniewice. So far we managed to resurface the track bed, remove the old ballast, which requires sieving and cleaning and prepare a fresh layer of ballast. At the beginning of May we laid new ties (actually recovered from other railway but in good shape). Next we put the rails on their target positions.

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This job would took us much longer if not for the help of Mr Jan Markowicz, the owner of a backhoe loader which is irreplaceable in this kind of work. Except the dismantling and repair of track № 12 we managed to collect more regenerated reinforced ties which arrived in the shed during the long weekend. We will need them during the oncoming repairs of other parts of our track layout.

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We still need to fasten the rails, level the track and stabilize it with the ballast. Part of those activities will be completed in the upcoming weeks but the ballasting will wait till autumn. In the meantime we will start repairs by the neighbouring track № 13. This one may pose some challenges as we will need to fasten a lighter rails of type “8” to concrete ties devoted for heavier rails.

Below is a time-lapse taken during one of the repair days. Enjoy!

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