Class Ls40-4544 back to service


Some time ago we mentioned that we are going to overhaul our main shunting vehicle – diesel class Ls60-143. As the majority of the bodywork will be disassembled and the main framework immobilized to carry out the maintenance, we needed a replacement. For this purpose, we choose class Ls40-4544, which so far was sealed in a storage. We have one more class Ls40 shunting engine – number 4572 – which underwent some refurbishment, but due to the general wear of the gearbox we would like to save it from shunting work.

Ls40-4544 was unsealed, the engine went through the mandatory check-up and replacement of all lubricants and the cooling liquid. After that, the engine made its first steps in years on the tracks of the shed.

dsc_0688 dsc_0705 dsc_0709 dsc_0714

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