Abrasives from Pferd-VSM

Materiały ścierny od Pferd-VSM On the last days of December a Christmas gift from company Pferd-VSM sp. z o.o. (Polish distributor of specialized abrasives by German brands Pferd and VSM) reached the Engine Shed. Received abrasives will come handy in planned for 2014 renovation and maintenance works like refurbishing of our class Ol49-4 steam engine and reconstruction of the beer reefer. On behalf of members and volunteers of PARE, and old vehicles awaiting renovation we would like to say big thanks to our benefactor.


It’s time for another restoration!

Remont wagonu piwiarki

Completed in 2009, repair of 4th class carriage from the 1889, for a time forced us to re-gather the forces (and resources). It is hardly surprising, since the activists hands conducted a complicated repair of passenger car. In 2010, activities at the rolling stock was rather limited, closing smaller preparatory work, the ongoing renovation of the WM5-872 and time-consuming – so therefore less spectacular successive renovation of the steam locomotive Ol49-4. This year, in view of the guaranteed financial support of authority of Skierniewice proceed us to the next rebuild – this time a beer reefer.