Be faster than Xaver

As each year, the winter came to the Engine Shed suddenly and unexpectedly, bringing the “standard package” of snow, icicles and ice-cold wind.

Zimowe parowozy Sople na przybudówce elektryków

Icy and extreme blows of storm ‘Xaver’, ravaging north-western Europe, thankfully spared us. We ended up with several glass panes blown out in the workshop corridor and a missing blower casing from foundry house. By the way ‘Xaver’ also trimmed the nearby poplar trees from excessive branches.

Prace przy kominie Odnowiony komin

There is also an opportunity to celebrate. Namely, we managed to complete all emergency building works. While inspecting the results of the roof works on the machine house, we noticed a massive crack and split across the chimney. Closer investigation revealed that the chimney is in danger of falling apart and damaging the renewed roof. So, after the hasty search for a contractor, a building team completed the required repairs, checking by the way if the smoke ducts have the expected draught. The work required disassembling and then reassembling of the part of the tile-cladded roof. Happily, we’ve managed to finish the bricklaying before the temperature fell below zero.

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