Another Hungarian car identified.


Thanks to the cooperation with Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transportation we managed to identify one of the Hungarian box cars from our collection. As the producer’s plate was missing, basing only on the claims of the previous owner, we thought that the car was built around 1893. We were able to verify this presumption after we found the serial number of the car. The initial number, given by the Royal Hungarian Railways (MAV – Magyar Királyi Államvasutak) was 123 717. Thanks to this, we found out that the car was built between 1896 and 1902 (probably in 1898) by Ganz & Co works from Budapest and was subscribed as a standard type XVB1, Grn series designed in 1891.


Around 6700 cars of this type have been built by various manufacturer – the mentioned Ganz & Co, Ships and Machines Build Works from Budapest, Györ Works, Schlick Wagon Works in Budapest and Janos Weitzer Wagon Works in Arad (currently in Romania).

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