Another exhibit renovated

Tabliczka firmowa aparatu

Another exhibit has regained its old glory. This time, however, it is not a railway car or steam engine, but a piece of signalling equipment.

A new future was awaiting the old block instrument compound with key interlocking (built in 1950 by Państwowa Wytwórnia Sygnałów i Urządzeń Kolejowych, Kraków), in the past part of the equipment in signal box at the station Gawrony. The years of use and later storage, probably outdoors, left its mark on the device, before it found the shelter under the Shed’s roof. It was the obvious first choice when deciding which exhibit from the signalling display we should renovate this year. Thankfully, the years of neglect left the interior of the instrument intact – with a little effort and thorough clean-up the device appeared to be still in a working order. The renovation of the external paint job and wooden parts was a totally different story which required the assistance of the Volunteers Camp’s participants. After several weekends of fight with rust and flaking old paint, the device was again pleasant to look at. The work was crowned the last Saturday with placing the refurbished block marking plates back on their place.

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