After the first Volunteers Camp


On 13th July 2017 our Volunteers Camp commenced. Similarly to last year, it is supported by the National Board of Heritage, as a part of programme Volunteering for Heritage. First camp took place in the shed from 13th to 16th July, attracting nearly 20 people interested in helping PARE in its activities. Among the volunteers were participant’s of the last year’s camps as well as many new faces.


The main part of activities planned for this and further camps focuses on the central part of the shed – the turntable. Majority of refurbishment was already done a couple of years ago, however it still required repainting of the railings and operator’s booth. Thanks to the volunteers efforts, the device is regaining the look from it’s prime time in 1980’s.

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Camp’s participants took part in other activities as well. They trimmed the grass, helped in replacing broken glass in windows, removed the waste from the previous’ year’s building renovations and painted the fence facing the Łowicka street. There was also a moment to help with renovation of our exhibits – steam engines class Ol49-4, Tkp 6042 and railway signalling devices.

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