A come-back of “Wysocki” to the WVR route

Definitely, the major railway event of Sunday, 11th December 2016, was the opening of the new Łódź Fabryczna station. However, there were also other noteworthy events, especially important for us, members of PARE. This time it was a come-back of train “Wysocki”, after a year of suspension. It is actually a fifth time, that train with this name appears on Polish railway routes. The new train will take the shuttle route from Warsaw East to Racibórz. It’s only a pity that the train will not bear the full name – Stanisław Wysocki – due to the naming standards limiting names only to surname.

powrot-wysockiego-psmk-2 powrot-wysockiego-psmk-3


The history of “Stanisław Wysocki” trains reaches back to 30th May 1999. Pare members put forward a proposal to celebrate in this unconventional way the memory of the famous Polish engineer. The history of all trains bearing this name till 2013 was described in detail in a chapter of “Stanisław Wysocki – pioneer of Polish railways” booklet. The issue of the book was presented to the crew of train TLK “Wysocki” on 11th December 2016.


The five-coach train from Racibórz was greeted on Warsaw Central Station by our collegues Marek and Grzegorz Moczulski. The returning set (8 coaches) was in return greeted by other PARE members at Warsaw East, Skierniewice station (here the City Council joined in and presented to the crew various gadgets related to Skierniewice) and Koluszki (local railwaymen handed to the crew flowers). In Częstochowa, the collection of memorabilia after the inauguration run of the train was supplemented with book “170 yeasr of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad in Częstochowa region”.


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