2nd part of Volunteers Camp


From 4th to 6th August, a 2nd part of our Volunteers Camp took place. The camp is supported by the sponsorship of the National Board of Heritage. At its peak, nearly 30 people were taking part in the camp (including members of PARE). Participants were involved in wide range of works, starting from upkeep of green areas of the Shed, help by renovation of the exhibits, finishing on the aid during the Open Days. Each volunteer, after undergoing the obligatory health and safety training, could find something interesting – we made and effort to provide different activities each day.


One of the most difficult tasks, in which volunteers engaged on Friday, was the replacement of glass panes at the back of the roundhouse. This side of the building, facing the river, is lately a victim of vandals tossing stones at our windows. Volunteers had the opportunity to replace the broken glass and take measurements for the order of new panes from the mobile work platform.

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Participants of the second Volunteers Camp also helped by the renovation of our heaviest exhibit – class Ty51-1, which later started to rapidly deteriorate due to constant exposure to the elements outside. Despite the summer heat, volunteers were removing the old paint from the coal box of the tender car and covered it with the first layer of anti-corrosion paint. We intend to continue this work during the upcoming camps. At the moment the main aim is to secure the most rusted parts of the engine from further deterioration.

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Participants were also involved in the maintenance of the turntable. We replaced the glass in the operators booth and supplemented the missing electrical equipment (searchlights). The main task was to continue repainting of the turntable – it will return to its look from the 1980′. The final of the works will be the repair of barraging signals lanterns which still need to be completed, both from electrical and mechanical part.

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Volunteers helped us in the organisation of the Open Day, upkeep of green areas and painting of further parts of the fence (which was painted for the last time at the time of being erected). The last two activities were supported thanks to the tools sponsored by Castorama from Skierniewice.

We would like to express our gratitude to the volunteers and sponsors!

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