Expanding the railway communication exhibition


During the last weekend (20th and 21st February) we started the long awaited stage of assembling of railway communication exhibition. As the first exhibits two racks of carrier telephony of system 3×12 were mounted on their place. One is the telephone line terminating rack, second will contain the splitters. More racks wait for their turn.

Nowadays, when digital technology dominated the communication, this type of equipment is nearly forgotten. However, it was a major jump in telephonic communication, allowing multichannel use of a single line, increasing its capacity and allowing for easier access to long-distance calls.

In time of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad and the beginnings of Polish State Railways, in order to phone from Warsaw to Skierniewice (note, that it was the first telephone line in Poland, built only a couple of years after the first phone call made by A. G. Bell) dsc_0073 plenty of resources were required. A single pair of wires (nearly 16 tons of bronze) was suspended over 1400 massive wooden poles by means of 2800 purpose-made porcelain insulators and over 3 tons of steel hooks and clamps. Despite the effort required to built the line, it allowed only one call at a time. If the capacity of line was to be increased, the amount of resources multiplied, giving enormous amounts of wood, steel and china. Fortunately, in the early 1930’s the first systems of multichannel telephony stopped the menace of hundreds of wires suspended on each telephone line and made a long-distance call much easier.


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