Invitation for volunteers

Spring, at last! And together with new season, we want to initiate new projects for volunteers. Do you have some free time and don’t know how to spend it? Are you shy of power tools but like tinkering? We have something special for you. If you are interested in participation or would like to receive more details, please contact us via email or a private message on Facebook.


Class Ls40-4544 back to service


Some time ago we mentioned that we are going to overhaul our main shunting vehicle – diesel class Ls60-143. As the majority of the bodywork will be disassembled and the main framework immobilized to carry out the maintenance, we needed a replacement. For this purpose, we choose class Ls40-4544, which so far was sealed in a storage. We have one more class Ls40 shunting engine – number 4572 – which underwent some refurbishment, but due to the general wear of the gearbox we would like to save it from shunting work.

Ls40-4544 was unsealed, the engine went through the mandatory check-up and replacement of all lubricants and the cooling liquid. After that, the engine made its first steps in years on the tracks of the shed.

dsc_0688 dsc_0705 dsc_0709 dsc_0714

Bringing class SR71-04 back to life

The enthusiasts of the diesel vehicles from our association took advantage of the warmer winter days to complete a thorough check-up of the engine and electric circuits of the line maintenance vehicle class SR71-04. On 2nd March, after small repairs and replacing missing parts, it was possible to start the engine and test out the pneumatic installation. Our aim is to bring the vehicle back to full operation and present it in motion, at least on the premises of the Shed.