Funds for the renovation of the pump house

Pompownia z kominem

We observed the latest results of allocations of funds for historical objects with a bit of anxiety. Our last-minute application was appreciated by the Council of Łódź Voivodeship, which assigned us with the amount of 26 250 PLN for the task Revitalization and adaptation to museum of Skierniewice Engine Shed – emergency repairs of the historical pump house from 1880 (2nd phase). We are really glad to receive the funding as this is one of the oldest parts of the Shed, additionally in a bad need of a quick repair due to its deteriorating state. The total cost of the task is 42 thousand PLN, which will be fully devoted to the rebuild of completely devastated roof of this building. Additionally, this part of the Shed will stop repelling when observed from the side of the park and Łupia river.

As we still need to collect the remaining starting capital for renovation works, we would like to remind all those, who have not yet settled their tax reports, to support us with their 1% of income tax.


At last the whole engine shed is ours!


20th April 2017 was a historical day for our Association. On this Thursday, after 4 PM, President of City Skierniewice, Mr Krzysztof Jażdżyk has signed the notarial deed of the last part of Engine Shed area. In this way, 25 years of efforts have resulted in success.

Everything started in 1992, when we requested to the Central Railway District if our small (at that time) collection can be moved to Skierniewice. In response, a day before Christmas Eve, during the meeting with headmaster of the District, Mr Janusz Luks, we were offered the possibility to take over the whole Shed as it was going to be defunct. The offer was so surprising, that we needed two weeks to think over the proposition – eventually we agreed to it. In retrospective, the decision brought us a lot of new challenges, but there is nothing to regret. Skierniewice Shed exists till today and still serves to the public, however now in totally new form.


Of course, our consent was not enough to own the facility. After ten years of fighting with bureaucracy, with great help of many organizations (just to mention the Ministry of Transportation, Łódź Voivode, board of State Railways) and effort of local authorities lead by a late President of Skierniewice Ryszard Bogusz – we became an owner of the main part of the shed in November 2002. At that time we were donated with 95% of the area. Unfortunately, due to unexpected changes in 1990’s in city’s surveying partition, a matter of the remaining 5% of the land with the old office house was still open. Solution was to be awaited for the next couple of years. The ownership of this built-up area was transferred to voivodeship authorities, who finally decided to donate the area to PARE. After last formalities, we become the true owners of the whole area of the Shed.

Święto Kolejarza 2013, pojazd techniczny Unimog

Of course the new building and its surroundings is not only a costly present. For us, this is a new challenge and commitment for the local community, and area for new stage of repair works. The office building was left unused, but protected against vandals, since 1991. At that time the last part of the Shed’s offices was moved to a temporary location. The building itself was left locked and unused, waiting for the new owners. The passing years left a trace on it. For example the building is in a bad need of a roof works (fixing of roof tiles has to be conducted even this year). Next is the fixing of deteriorated plumbing and electricity and adaptation of the rooms.

Nevertheless, now we are free to carry out all works needed. We would like to express our gratitude to the City Council of Skierniewice, the authorities of Łódź Voivodeship and all those, who contributed to the successful final of this case.

Another trip to Czech Republic


Trips to the railway museums abroad are slowly starting to become a common part of our activity calendar. Initially, we visited the foreign historical railway facilities in small groups, 3 people at most. Starting from November 2016 we increased the size of travelling party. It is not only a great way to socialize outside of the Engine Shed, but mainly a great opportunity to show our volunteers how museum facilities like our shed are organized abroad, and to make observations which may improve the organization of facility in Skierniewice. For the youngest volunteers this is also a form of gratitude for their efforts. From 22nd to 23rd April we once again visited our southern neighbours – Czech Republic.

Our first point of interest was Železniční Muzeum Zlonice, celebrating this year the 20th anniversary of its existence. A couple of years ago it was placed in small steam engine shed at the siding of Zlonice station. Lately, it has been moved to the old buildings of former grange Lisovice, less than one kilometre from the station.


Another stage of our trip was a historical signal box in Děčín, preserved with most of its original equipment. It was a paradise for the fans of railway signalling and traffic systems, and a good inspiration on how we can organize an exhibition in our Shed. It’s a shame that there is no such facility in Poland.

img_7227 img_7188 SONY DSC SONY DSC img_7197 img_7205

The last stage was a courtesy visit to our colleagues representing four different organizations taking care of Turnov depo.

img_7353 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC img_7458 img_7539

To our astonishment it appears that our collections have many common parts.

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Easter greetings


May you feel the hope of new beginnings, love and happiness during this joyful Easter holiday.

Members, volunteers and Board of Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts

Continuing track works


The preparation to continue the work on the track № 59 – a main communication route in the Shed – started in the late winter period. We focused on recovering the ballast from between the ties. The work was organized in such a manner that the periods of the track being out of order were as short as possible. Yet unfavourable weather or flu season caused some delays to the initial plan.

p_20170304_151309 p_20170225_153137


Between February and March 2017, we signed the agreement with City of Skierniewice to receive the fund of 14 500 PLN to repair the most dilapidated parts of the tracks. After removing the ballast, we could unscrew the rails and move them aside to recover the remains of old wooden ties. This way we made a free room for a backhoe loader to dig the new track trench, spread a fresh layer of ballast and lie down the heavy concrete ties and rails.

p_20170401_122914 p_20170401_162136 p_20170401_164407 p_20170401_182013 p_20170401_190533 p_20170408_093828 p_20170408_105724 p_20170408_131732 p_20170408_143750 p_20170408_151154

Finally we were able to resupply the ballast between the ties. We intend to continue the works after purchasing more ties for this purpose.

p_20170408_171554 p_20170409_170714

Track works in Skierniewice Engine Shed are supported by

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice

At the 9th International Tourist Fairs of Industrial Heritage and Underground Tourism in Zabrze


Similarly to previous years, one could visit our stand at the 9th International Tourist Fairs of Industrial Heritage and Underground Tourism which took place in OSIR hall at Matejki Street 6 in Zabrze. The fairs are devoted especially to the objects of industrial heritage open to the tourists. Among those are mines, breweries, wineries, caves, fortifications and railway facilities like our Shed.

Remember about our roofs

A roof, especially from the leaking kind, is always a nightmare of the owner of a large historical building. In our case, when we speak about acres of roofs of industrial objects, its structural integrity is a matter of survival for the exhibits underneath.

Logo 1 procent, duże

We are aware that there are multiple challenges ahead of us: rusting rolling stock, falling apart plumbing and poor condition of the tracks. Still, with rain water leaking through the holes one cannot go far – refurbished cars will soon get damaged by the seepage, so goes with any repaired plumbing or electricity installation. Not to mention losing the willingness to do any track works where all around you can feel the stench of a damp. Therefore, roofs are our main challenge now.

Thankfully, the roof repairs in engine shed are quite advanced. Last year was very successful in this matter – we managed to receive a funding for the repairs of major part of the roundhouse roof and the first part of skylight, thanks to which our most valuable exhibits (especially the battery motor unit Wittfeld and renovated class Ol49-4) are now fully secured against the elements.


Unfortunately, after one golden year there is one thin. We did not managed to repeat the previous year’s success. We managed to receive a support of 14 500 PLN from City of Skierniewice for the renovation of our tracks. Still to complete the works, a total of 4 000 PLN own assets is required – a meagre percent of the assets we had last year.

Despite the financial shortage, we still want to continue the repairs of the roofs to really say that we finished this stage. We are not far from our goal (it’s only 136 m2 on the main roundhouse). This made us to decide to continue on our own the repairs, even without the external subsidies. Still our main source of money for repairs is the 1% of income tax – that’s why you support is invaluable. As long as we are focused on upkeep of the buildings, we have to postpone our dreams of a running steam engine.

Once again we ask you to support us with your 1% of income tax. Each 1 złoty brings us closer to finishing the building renovation and, in long run, to the moment when live steam engine leaves the gates of our Shed.