„Birthday of WVR” – more news!


We are happy to report that the Marshal of Łódź VoivodshipMr. Witold Stępień took over the honourable patronage of the „Birthday of WVR”.

We have also broaden the schedule– the following companies decided to take part in the event:

We would like to encourage all those from outside of Skierniewice to visit us by train – Przewozy Regionalne are offering to the visitors of „Birthday of WVR” a special deal – one can return to his departure point using their one-way ticket to Skierniewice with a special stamp (to be obtained at the entrance to the Shed).

Expecting the large number of motorized visitors and due to the lack of parking space in the nearest proximity of the shed, we would like to ask you to leave you cars at the parking lot near the railway station (only 300m from the entrance to the Shed).

Invitation to the „Birthday of WVR” – 170th anniversary of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad in Skierniewice

On behalf of the President of City Skierniewice, Mr Krzysztof Jażdżyk, The Association of Transportation Engineers and PARE we would like to invite you to the

Birthday of WVR

which will take place on 3rd October 2015 from 11AM to 5PM in Skierniewice Engine Shed.

11AM Opening of the anniversary exhibition „The paper heritage of WVR 170 years after its creation”, prepared by Paweł Mierosławski (at blacksmith shop).
11AM, 12AM, 1PM Sightseeing of collection inside the roundhouse (guided groups, starting at the reception house).
12AM The concert of the City’s Brass Band – the opening of the anniversary events (the open-air stage)
12.30AM The anniverary cake.
1PM The exhibition of old automobiles.
1.30PM Display of the oldest passenger coach in Poland.
2PM Rock concert by Paragraf 22 (in the main workshop).
3PM Country concert by Michał Lonstar accompanied by the Colorado Band (the open-air stage).
Except that, between 11AM and 5PM following attractions are available individually:
  • Competitions for children (till 3PM).
  • The exhibition of the historical rolling stock.
  • The old machine workshop (till 2PM).
  • The blacksmith shop – exhibition „The paper heritage of WVR 170 years after its creation”.
  • Steam engine maintenance equipment.
  • The interactive exhibition of railway signals (till 3PM).
  • Demonstration of the railway emergency vehicle of PKP PLK (till 3PM).
  • Demonstration of DCC railway models.
  • Railway Guards in action
  • Amateur short-wave broadcasting station SP7KMX

Free admission. We reserve the right to change the schedule.

Tired and hungry visitors can eat delicious grilled dishes by the stand of Atmosfera pizza house.


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Honorary patronage

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Media coverage

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Summing up the Special Open Days during the Holiday of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables


To fulfill the chronicler duty, we would like to note that during the Skieniewice’s Holiday of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables, which took place on 19th and 20th of September, we were visited by the dazzling number of 1236 guests. It was one of the rare cases when we needed to increase the frequency of sightseeing groups from 1 hour to 30 minutes. This year special open days were also connected with 23rd European Days of Heritage (Saturday and Sunday) and 14th Days of Public Transportation (Sunday).

After the Open Days for Schools

imag6220 The Friday before the Holiday of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables is traditionally reserved for the youngest enthusiasts of railways. On this day, fulfilling the wishes of teachers, we organize a Special Open Day for Schools. This year, on 18th September, we invited the pupils of elementary schools from Skierniewice and outside to visit us. During the one-hour long unconventional classrooms children could sightsee the interior of the Engine Shed and learn about the safety on the railway area and railway crossings. For many of them it was a unique opportunity to be so close to the railway vehicles and devices. Each visiting group could then decorate the surface of the main yard of the Shed with colorful chalk drawings.

The classrooms in Shed were attended by 267 children. An extra group of 39 pupils visited us the next week.


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The beginning of September’s Open Days


The first Open Day in September is past us. On the first Saturday of September (5th September) we were visited by 195 guests. We would already like to invite you to the next Open Days which will take place in two weeks during the Skierniewice’s Holiday of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables. Soon we will also announce the special Open Days for schools. The details will be published soon on our website and our Facebook profile.

First exhibit already in „Łowicz Annex”

Wąski - przed wyjazdem

A couple of days ago we have informed about the preparation of a place for the first exhibit in the refurbished „Łowicz Annex” – an 8-meters high semaphore. Due to the sizes of the signal, it had to be fixed in place before the roof was constructed – there were no other options. A new foundation for the signal was prepared and the signal itself was stripped of all parts for repainting and to make its transportation easier. It was patiently waiting inside the roundhouse.

Wąski - powrót

In the meantime, one of the companies working at the Skierniewice station rebuild was kind enough not only to lend us its crane for semaphore placement but also took the signal’s mast to special works were it was cleaned and repainted. In the last days of August, the company WAPO-TECH s.c. from Bulkow returned with the repainted mast and mounted it on the target place.

Thank you for your kind help.

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