Bookplates for PARE

In mid-2013 Dr. Krzysztof Marek Bąk from Silesian University organized a contest for an ex-libris dedicated to our organization. The contest was targeted at the students of the University’s branch in Cieszyn. From the submitted works the best ones were chosen by international four-persons jury. Six of the successful works were distinguished with prizes. The laureates were awarded by our colleagues , Ryszard Bandosz i Marek Moczulski, with diplomas and souvenirs from PARE. They also thanked the originator of the contest and some of the participants for their initiative during the ‘10+1 Krzysztof Marek Bąk and students of the 1st CG Workshops  at the Art Institute of Silesian University’ exhibition in Warsaw’s Gallery of Ex-libris. Exhibition took place on 22nd January and will be open till 14th February .

Autorzy prac Few of the participants of the competition, who arrived at the exhibition. First left: Dr. K. M. Bąk and R. Bandosz.

Karolina Gilewicz na tle plansz wystawowych ze swoimi pracami Karolina Gilewicz, against the awarded entries
Fot. Anna Buta-Kluska (Warsaw’s Gallery of Ex-libris)

The main aim of such internal competitions is the intention to propagate the idea of ex-libris among the youngest graphic designers – said Dr. Bąk. Despite the fact, that the works are of varied quality, I think it’s worth that the students be aware of the existence of bookplates and know the basic rules of their design. (…) The awaken interest has resulted in creation of countless bookplates – reaching up the tenths  of works per single creator. We have first successes – participation in international vernissages and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Individual development and creative search is stimulated with in-house contests and workshops. Up to date, contest for signboard, for PARE’s ex-libris and workshops In Memoriam Jur Gajdzic took place. There were also two degrees: MSc for Aleksandra Hachuła and Bachelor for Ewa Chorążak – both regarding digital bookplate.

All contest entries were donated to the collection of PARE. The members of the Association could see them during the New Year’s meeting on 18th January. Our colleague, Ryszard Bandosz, supplemented the collection with a self-made bookplate for PARE’s President, Judyta Kurowska-Ciechańska

Marek Moczulski

New Year’s Meeting

Krata koło SP30-218

As each year, a traditional New Year’s Meeting for members, volunteers and fans of PARE took place on Saturday, 18th January. As usual, it was a great opportunity to sum up the last year’s activities, plan new aims for the future and discuss the common topics. We are very glad, that nearly 40 people from all around Poland (ex. from Skierniewice, Łódź, Warsaw, Zamość, Jaworzyna Śląska, Świebodzice, Pruszków, Zielonka) took part in the event.

A new tradition was introduced by our youngest colleagues – everybody interested could integrate not only by the holiday table but also by the joint work in the roundhouse. This time, one could lose some holiday calories by the work on the lengthened sightseeing route. This way, another patch of loose plaster was chiseled away and new bars were fitted in unprotected windows. We do hope this new tradition will catch on.

We would like to remind that every week the doors of the engine shed are open to all those who are eager to spend actively and usefully their free time.

1% income tax from flat-rate payers


We would like to encourage all those who are to settle up with the tax office by the end of January 2014 to support our activity with your 1% of income tax. In 2013 we benefited from this source nearly 23 thousand zlotys, major part of which were devoted to the reconstruction of the roundhouse roof (an area of 668 square meters) , pay the building supervisor and the purchase of architectural assessments allowing future repairs of the sheds buildings. Much of the received 1% of the income tax become the required capital for three public tasks totaling 105 000 zlotys. Therefore, each zloty received was multiplied 8 times! The remaining money allowed continuation of the renovation of our class Ol49-8 steam engine and the beer reefer. Thank you!