Important notice for the donors of 1% of income tax

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Dear supporters,

Similarly to year 2016 we wanted to send a thank-you letter to all donors of 1% of income tax. Unfortunately, due to the changed tax and private data protection rules, we cannot use any address data provided by tax office without the consent of the donor. Therefore, we would like to ask all those who do not mind to receive such a letter, to provide us with your address via our association’s email It is also possible to request for a letter which can be received in person e.g. during the events in Engine Shed.

Building the railway communication exhibition – part 1

Nearly a year ago we informed about the beginning of assembling the railway communication exhibition. After renovation of two rooms, finalized with laying a new linoleum in January 2016, we installed the complete set of racks for carrier telephony. During the course of couple of weekends, racks were moved to their target place and bolted to the floor and walls (only temporarily, before the overhead cable mounts will be ready). For the time of transportation, racks had to be emptied of all heavy parts and then reassembled on place.

mdsc_0119 mdsc_0142 mdsc_0144

After finishing the works by the racks, we could move on its place a manual switchboard originating from Skierniewice’s railway exchange (produced by Tesla-Kolin, 1951). The switchboard is still awaiting a clean-up and wiring overhaul before it will be connected to the main Siemens exchange which will be placed in the next room. This is not the only switchboard in our collection. On the planned general exhibition two more examples will be found: similar, but German-built switchboard from 1942 (prod. Siemens & Halske) and a miniature switchboard intended to work with a small KATS exchanges (up to 100 numbers, prod. Tesla-Kolin, 1953). Both switchboards comes from various exchanges in Central Railway District.

First grant in 2017


Since the beginning of the year we send 10 applications to various institutions in order to receive grants for future projects in Engine Shed. Their main purpose is to improve the state of the infrastructure of the Shed. There are first successes! On 10th February we were informed that City Council of Skierniewice will grant us a generous amount of 14 500 PLN for repairs of the most worn-out track sections. After completing the documentation, we hope to start the work in march! However, for that we still need 4000 PLN of initial capital, so please remember us when settling your tax report and assigning your 1% of income tax.

New board of PARE


On Saturday, 10th December 2016 the 7th Main Assembly of PARE members took place. A part of this meeting was selection of new association authorities. According to the current law, new board will start its activities as soon as its members will be registered in National Judicial Registry, which was accomplished in mid-January 2017. At the same assembly, a new charter, agreed on Special Assemblies in January and May 2016, came into effect. The main areas of change in the charter is new terminology of association bodies and new rules of representing the PARE outside of the association.


PARE board members:

  • Sylwester Pulik – president
  • Judyta Kurowska-Ciechańska – vice-president
  • Sławomir Sidor – vice-president
  • Arkadiusz Baraniok, Andrzej Paszke – membres

Main audit board:

  • Paweł Mierosławski – head of audit board img_2471
  • Maciej Michalik, Daniel Kiper, Paweł Adamowicz, Tadeusz Suchorolski – members

Association court:

  • Maciej Wolfram – head of court
  • Małgorzata Kurowska, Mariusz Smolarek – members