Rebuild of class Ls60-143 electric installation


Despite the fact that diesel shunting engine class Ls60-143 came to the Shed several years ago, for a long time it was exploited in a state of slight disrepair. Our biggest concern was the faulty electric installation, limited to a starter circuit. Defunct alternator meant that each run had to be followed by a lengthy battery recharging.

During the autumn 2014 our youngest volunteers began refitting the missing parts of the Ls60’s installation. The engine received back the head- and backlights and, the most important, battery recharging circuit. The repairs were finished on time, before the shots to the movie “Wołyń” where little Ls60 had plenty of work to do. As the engine is now in full working order, there is still something to be done with its external aesthetics. Yet, class Ls60 has to wait for its turn in the renovation schedule.

Turning your 1 percent into hundreds…

Hala rewizyjna - dach cały

… with this catchphrase we are once again beginning the collection of 1% of income tax donated by our Fans and Supporters.

Thanks to your generous support, we managed to receive a further subsidies worth total 140 thousand PLN. The money were mainly devoted to general repairs of Shed’s buildings. Thanks to the 30k PLN received from 1% tax donations the roundhouse of the shed gained 900 square meters of brand new roof. Last year’s repairs brought us closer to the final goal of complete revitalization of Shed, yet there is still plenty to be done. To own an engine shed is a great satisfaction, but also a great responsibility because it is our duty to keep the Shed in shape.

This is why we continue to ask to remember about us when it comes for you to decide to whom donate your 1% of income tax. We are still far from refurbishing each and every exhibit in our shed but at least we are close to providing the retired vehicles a proper and warm storage place and organize our workspace for even broader renovation works. Our plans for the nearest future are concentrated on steam engine class Ol49-4 and beer refrigerator car.

New walls of refrigerator car

Piwiarka - 4 ściany 2015

Opposing the winter weather, the resumed the works by the beer refrigerator car. Despite the short days we’ve managed to cut and fit the paneling of side walls, leaving some place for a pair of double doors in the middle. Lately we continued the works by the front walls. It appeared to be a rather complicated task – to gain access we had to partially disassemble the side walls, temporarily held in place with clamps. After several hours of cutting and fitting, we managed to complete the first front wall. It’s worth noting that due to the car’s function, each wall consist of two layers between which a layer of insulation is sandwiched. Therefore, when completed, our car will be able to handle its original purpose.

Piwiarka - tymczasowy demontaż ściany   Piwiarka 5 ścian

In the coming weeks we are going to complete second front wall and give the paneling some initial polish. Next step will be filling the space between the walls, roof and floor with insulation.

1% charity from flat-rate tax payers

1 procent podatku

The end of January is always the final term to provide tax settlement to the Tax Office by the flat-rate tax payers. Therefore we would like to encourage all those who are about to send their tax return to donate the 1% of income tax to PARE.

Why is it worth to support us? We do our best to multiply every penny which comes to us and use it as best as we can to save the railway heritage. Thanks to the tax payers support year 2014 was manifold record-breaking:

  • We received over 33 thousand PLN from 1% charity.
  • Those money were used as own assets when applying for subsidies which eventually totaled to 143 thousand PLN.
  • We received 28 thousand PLN for rolling stock renovation from various sponsors.

In 2014 the budget of PARE exceeded for the first time the level of 200 thousand PLN. Thanks to the incomes from 1% income tax, subsidies form the Ministry of Culture and national Heritage, the Conservationist of Łódź Voivodship, the City Council of Skierniewice, Freightliner PL and PKP Cargo we have:

  • Piwiarka - ściana repaired over 900 square meters of roofs on Shed’s main buildings (the roundhouse and the workshop),
  • conducted a major overhaul of the critical for Shed’s access set of points № 128,
  • transported the engine class Ok1-266 and continued the renovation of beer refrigerator car and engine class Ol49-4.

Besides, thanks to the help Of Warsaw’s Trams we completed the renovation of battery shunting engine AEG 4184.

Kanały 23-12 - zerwane How we will use the 1% of income tax in 2015? As in previous years, the money will be the basis of own assets required when applying for subsidies for further repairs of Shed’s buildings. We hope to complete the works on the roof of the roundhouse and maybe even start the reconstruction of its skylight. We will also continue the works by the beer refrigerator car and engine class Ol49-4.

To support us, provide our KRS number 0000216091 and your pledge amount in you yearly tax return summary. For each, even the smallest amount, we would like to say big thanks to all of our supporters.


From Witaszyce to Skierniewice

Akulok w Witaszycach The four-wheeled, battery-powered shunting engine (so called akkulok) was built in 1928 by company AEG for sugar factory in Witaszyce. The vehicle bears factory number 4184. It is of a quite simple design: two electric motors coupled via single stage gearboxes with axles, cramped driver cab with modest equipment with two battery boxes on each end. Engine was employed by a shunting works on the factory’s sidings. Over the years the appearance of the engine changed. Due to the many repairs and overhauls before early 1970’s, the engine had covers of the battery boxes replaced with simplified ones, and added electric lights in new casings.

When the engine concluded its service, PARE began efforts to add it to then started railway collection in Skierniewice’s Shed.  In April 1995 the vehicle arrived on the heavy-freight trailer in Skierniewice.

AEG na hali maszyn At the turn of 1997/1998 the renovation works began. First of all, the bodywork had to be painstakingly cleaned off of rust and old paint. Next come the coat of anti-corrosive paint. At that point, the vehicle started to look better, but it was still many years before more complex works could be started. In 2006, the engine arrived at the Warsaw’s Tram works – first the undercarriage, than the remaining parts of the body. The greatest attention had to be paid to the electrical equipment – engines and controls required lots of efforts to be brought back to life. A new roof and doors have been fitted to the bodywork. Still, finding a manufacturer willing to rebuild the driving resistors appeared to be a bit tricky.

Zestawy kołowe AEG w TW Silnik AEG w TW

In January 2014, the bodywork got the finish before the final coat of paint. New lights casings have been fitted. Two months later, the vehicle was painted in the final colors, both inside and outside. However, the electrical equipment was still in parts.

Al last in the beginning of summer, the renovation of the electrical equipment was completed and the engine could be assembled together. On 20th June, the akkulok made its trial run on borrowed batteries, to check if the old controls work properly.

On 20th September 2014, the engine was prepared to depart back to Skierniewice. Before loading on the heavy-freight trailer, last photos in front of Warsaw’s Tram works were taken. Due to the small sizes of the vehicle, the transportation to the Shed went effortlessly.

Akulok w słońcu   Odsłonięcie AEG widziane z góry

Thanks to the support of Warsaw’s Trams, the akkulok is the newest completely renovated  vehicle in PARE’s collection. The first public presentation of the engine took place during the Railwaymen Day, on 22nd November.

Merry Christmas!

While waiting for the coming Christmas and New Year, full of hope we are looking forward to the future. We would like to wish to our colleagues and supporters good health, cheerfulness and many successes in common aspirations.

PARE Board, Members and Volunteers

Wesołych świąt!

Broken down

Pompownia z kominem Life not always go as one would wish for – sometimes it is a matter of time and the lack of resources…. Unfortunately, the smoke stack of the pump house from 1880 gave up to the erosion caused by years of exposure to the rain and fumes. Due to the safety reasons, we were forced to call a specialists to carefully disassemble its top part. Nevertheless, we want to rebuild it to its original shape as this might be one of the last brick industrial smoke stacks in Skierniewice. Therefore, we are looking for sponsors who would like to support bringing this construction back to the Engine Shed’s skyline.

Acknowledgments for rebuild of AEG battery shunter

On 16th December at the seat of Warsaw Trams we celebrated the successful rebuild of AEG battery shunting engine from 1928. The President of PARE, Judyta Kurowska-Ciechańska, expressed our gratitude to Mr Krzysztof Karosa and Mr Wojciech Pęsik for sponsoring and completing the renovation works of this unique vehicle from PARE’s collection. We honored also the employees of Warsaw Trams for their involvement in the rebuild. Once again we would like to thank our benefactor for his help.

Wręczenie podziękowań Zarządowi TW Wręczenie podziękowań w TW Wręczenie podziękowań w TW

Repairs of the roundhouse roof finished!

Hala rewizyjna - dach cały On Tuesday, 16th December, took place the inspection of final in this year renovation works in the Shed. Inspection was carried out by conservationist officers and the representatives of the City Council in Skierniewice. Company “Marbudex” once again proved its trustworthiness – the repairs above stands 4 to 6 were finished flawlessly and on time. In this way, we have finished the replacement of the outer cladding of the roof. The works were possible thanks to the support of the City Council in Skierniewice (50 000 PLN) and donations from 1% of income tax for 2013. Total cost of the latest works amounted over 55 000 PLN.

Nevertheless, there is still some work to be done – the rebuild of the roundhouse’s skylight still waits for its part. Currently, we are completing the building documentation regarding the future repairs. We also plan to finish the repairs of the workshop’s roof.

Hala rewizyjna - dach przy dźwigu Hala rewizyjna - nowe poszycie

To sum up, the total cost of the roundhouse’s roof repairs reached 350 000 PLN.

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice

To save from rusting away

Michał Jerczyński - Ocalić od zardzewienia On 9th December 2014 we took part in a symposium entitled “To save from rusting away. Conservation of Engineering Heritage – past and present”. Our colleague – Michał Jerczyński presented the paper “The need for national-wide conservation of railway constructions in regard of their historical significance and introducing the program for conservation of railway listed objects”. The symposium and the following panel discussion was organized by the Railway Museum in Warsaw, National Institute of Museums and Collections Conservation, Conservationist of the Mazovian Voivodeship, Department of Railway Transport, Polish State Railways and the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.