Building the railway communication exhibition – part 5

Before the moving of functional parts of the exchange to the new localization, we had to repaint the new framework. To avoid damaging the freshly painted walls and brand new floor, single parts of the framework were temporarily removed and painted in the workshop. The recycled parts from the old exchange – bases, vertical supports, railings – had to be first cleaned of the old paint and washed. Bases additionally received soft padding from linoleum scraps to avoid scratching the floor. Some parts were to big to move them around (e.g. the top cable channels) so they were carefully painted in their final place. After first coat of paint the framework was finally assembled.

odc-5-a odc-5-b

The whole construction required to receive a finishing layer of paint, which appeared to be a time-consuming task. Constant covering of walls against paint splatters and moving around with heavy ladder quickly become exhausting.

odc-5-c odc-5-d

Before the end of August 2016 the framework was fully painted and was ready for installation of all exchange modules.

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